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Here goes my first post Smile .
When we entered the venue brekbit was playin' a good set . The crowd was buildin' up together with brekbit's set . Then Ricky D & Shorty took over . And were raisin' it towards the uk level . We were warmed and ready to here Andy C , well we tought we were ready . From the moment Andy C put the needle on his first plate , he was unstopable . From smashin' bass to more smashin' bass .The MC did some great spittin' and the crowd went wild (like I never experinced).The were alot of people inside but there was room enough to bust your moves . Nicky blackmarket with MC Foxy just continued what andy c did . Where now bouncin' 5 hours like madmans . Then System Dee had to do a tough job . He had to continue the UK standard . With Andy C , Nicky blackmarket and dillinja (he just came along to look @ belgiums finest dancin skillz Wink ) lookin' on his hands . But System D is one of belgiums greatest dj's so he didn't disappont someone . Great night out . The parties that has to come will have to be very good to satisfy our spoild selfs . Bigup to the Inside crew and dj's !

Footage :
Pics : www.floorshooter.be.tf ; www.appletree.be
(great ) Movie : www.appletree.be
Me thinks more footage to come .


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i joined it too,
i was tired so i didn't had the best time, but everything was again typical inside, everything was great organised
a big Bigup for the location also! the halles belongs to my top ten of partyplaces! (just Frown ( that i lost my way and had to walk 2hours before founding it!)
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