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We are very excited to announce the launch of our new label Jungletrain Recordings, designed to showcase the diversity of sounds and talents on our beloved radio station! Jungletrain Recordings will feature releases produced exclusively by Jungletrain artists, promoting some of their signature sounds as heard on their radio shows! The first release, "Conductors Volume 1" is set to drop Monday July 15th and is a compilation by artists Daat (Jason oS & Joe Mnemonic), Infest & Parallel, Fada, and Mantra. Each of these artists deliver some absolutely fantastic productions on this one, listen to samples below:

Daat - 5D [JTREX001]

From Montreal, Canada the duo known as Daat come at you with "5D" a very strong, spaced out piece of music that is calm, hypnotizing, and punishing. This heavy sub fueled collaboration from Jason oS and Joe Mnemonic will do damage to your bass bins while it drifts you away to a far off land. You can catch these gentlemen LIVE in the mix with their 'Detuned Radio: Decarie Sessions' show every other Friday on Jungletrain from 2:30-5:30PM (PST) / 11:30PM-2:30AM (CEST).

Infest & Parallel - We're Almost There [JTREX001]

This epic collaboration reaches you from both sides of the globe, by two powerful contemporary junglists that go by Infest (NL) and Parallel (USA). "We're Almost There" is a dreamy, damp, Drum & Bass excursion that launches you out of this atmosphere and into space. Heavy minimal beat structures effortlessly creep into a classic drum break oriented flow, as this dubby progression continues to grow. You can catch Infest LIVE in the mix every other Wednesday on Jungletrain from 12-2:00PM (PST) / 9-11:00PM (CEST) with the "Next Phase" show. Also, you can catch Parallel alternating Wednesdays on Jungletrain with the "Infinite Echo" show from 4-6:30PM (PST) / Thursdays 1-3:30AM (CEST).

Fada - Art Is A Stranger [JTREX001]

The one like the Fada brings you a hypnotic, drumfunk style, beat workout here with his uncompromising piece, "Art Is A Stranger". This UK native is no new comer to the craft, as you can hear through these intricate drum edits and building progressions. At one moment this tune will have you focusing clearly on drums and the next your subconscious will be taken over by haunting, introverted atmospheres. You can catch Fada LIVE in the mix every other Friday on Jungletrain from 11AM-1:00PM (PST) / 8-10:00PM (CEST) with his "Infinity Sessions" show.

Mantra - Sign Off [JTREX001]

The one and only Mantra from London's illustrious Rupture crew gets fierce here with this heavy amen work out. What starts as an eerie amen roller quickly gets subverted into a smash down filled with timeless oldschool stabs and a slew of righteous drum edits. "Sign Off" is a definite killer for the dancefloor that will keep the people jumping and the party moving! You can catch Mantra LIVE in the mix every other Sunday on Jungletrain from 10AM-12:00PM (PST) / 7-9:00PM (CEST) with partner in crime Double 0, for their "Rupture" radio show.

RELEASE DATE - July 15th 2013

BUY HERE - www.jungletrainrecordings.bandcamp.com/

All tracks mastered by Bob Macc @ Subvert Central Mastering

Graphic design and logo work by Ashback

© all rights reserved


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