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Jamais Vu Party. Back in 2013 with a BANG! Vibes are popping right now. http://guestlist.net/event/4496/jamais-vu/ for guest list.


Guest in the hot seat this week: GROOVERIDER

Guests coming soon: 17.02.13 RANDALL 24.01.13 BAILEY

This is a night that’s going to be full of amazing music and sick vibes. With new guests every week spanning the genres, expect something you have never seen before!

Jamais Vu promises to be a lesson in funky, liquid Drum & Bass. Guaranteed to satisfy all of the discerning bass heads out there!

Follow @guestlist or go to www.guestlist.net for guest list
Follow @jamaisvuparty for all the latest updates
Follow @guestlistdotnet for everything else

Crowned as the Godfather of drum and bass, Grooverider has earned himself a reputation as one of the most highly respected icons of dance music worldwide. For more than 20 years he has continued to push groundbreaking music within the scene, helping to create the genre that is drum and bass today.

Kool fm's Reclamation Kru will be kicking off the night. With us from the beginning, this Sunday is all about that family vibe. Catch them on Kool every Wednesday 11pm-1am.

You thought Sundays were off limits, A time to chill out and soak up those last few hours of freedom? Think again. It’s time to boycott Monday! This week we continue the Jamais Vu magic.

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