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We have a great range of DNB / Jungle and old skool sample packs available over at the 36 Hertz website.

We have now released 11 of these packs with a whole bunch more dropping over the coming months. These have been hugely popular with some of the scenes top producers (even some of the dubstep big boys) purchasing packs from us.

Covering all styles and sounds these packs are great for people looking for something new in their productions.

Created where possible using analogue equipment these packs offer a much warmer sound that the software based mass produced packs pushed by most other sample houses.

The best bit of all is these packs are priced at only £7.99 each!

These packs are proving very popular and customers keep coming back for more.

If you use sample packs for your productions then why not check them out.

You can find the full range here:

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