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Hey all, I am SALEX -
I host Late Night Eargasm on Mutiny Radio- broadcasting live every Wednesday evening from our studio in San Francisco. The show is 10pm-12am PST which UTC/GMT 5:00AM.
You can catch it live at http://www.mutinyradio.org , or via podcast: http://podcasts.pcrcollective.org/LateNi...ightEargasm.rss

I mix mostly drum & bass, but feature live performances regularly from dubstep/hip hop artists, as long as the tunes are bass heavy and eargasmic- the more experimental, the better. I broadcast through an ancient Tascam analog soundboard, that makes dnb sound amazing- and even though the stream is only at 128, I always post the 320k recording up for download within 24 hours, and will send wav by request. (mixing the show is pure bass heaven). Mutiny Radio is a collective of DJ's that were former members of the internationally notorious Pirate Cat Radio (RIP, but we still have the Bacon Maple Latte http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aguMoJq44XY).

I am also music department staff responsible for library submissions/published reviews- so send them over attn SALEX - to music@mutinyradio.org
My email: salex_mutinyradio@yahoo.com

Nothing is too abstract for me to play- so send them my way! I've been hosting the show for almost 2 years, and have diverse international listeners.

Tune in for maximum Aural Pleasure !! ~~ SALEX

I make filthy bass & drums music. For maximum aural pleasure click here: LATE NIGHT EARGASM (psst! I promise I don't bite) Devil

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