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The Raskel

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**If theres a free slot that you would like to fill,please get in touch with admin in the chatroom**

4-6pm(GMT) DeeJay Canna - Monday Roasting Sessions
6-8pm Dj Beady - Monday Mash Up Show
8-10pm Havox b2b Tank - The Monday DnB Mash Up
10-12pm Craig Graham - Sounds Of The Future

4-6pm Raindance Rob - Tuesday Evening Hardcore
6-8pm D Drive n Tension - The Strictly Bangers Not Clangers Radio Show
8-10pm Kev Malony - The Coventry Connection
10-12pm Subdue - 2 Blacks And A Bubble Show

4-6pm The Sniper - The Big Bad Selection
6-8pm Escape - HQ Music Show
8-10pm Tim Ryan - Old Skool Rinseout
10-12pm Stevee Wonder - The Vinyl Addicts Show

4-6pm Oldskoolalan - The Underground Selection
6-8pm The Raskel - Vintage Vinyl
8-10pm Cautious - The Jungle Rinseout
10-12pm Dj Blatant - Old Skool Sessions

4-6pm Trans4mers - Style Wars
6-8pm Timeless - Retroactive Show
8-10pm Chris Rocks & Mrs Rocks - Mish Mash Fridays
10-12pm Sparks - Spark's Old Skool Lessons

10am-12pm Dj Stu B - Its All About The Rush
2-4pm Dj Riot - A Blast From The Past
4-6pm DeeJay Canna - The Saturday Afternoon Shake Down
6-8pm 3D2M - The 3D2M Show
8-10pm Dj Astro - The People's Choice Show
10-12pm Dj Mallow - Dj Mallowmashup 2011

2-4pm Oldskoolalan - The Underground Selection Part 2
4-6pm Dash B - Old Skool Garage Sessions
8-10pm Ed Conrad - Sunday School
10-12pm Codered - Codered Or Dead

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