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J Switch - Playing with Knives EP [DKBD013]

Artist: J Switch Title: Playing with Knives EP Label: DarkBox Recordings Format: Digital Cat.n.: DKBD013


1) Fight Back 2) The Trap 3) Heart Attack (feat. Insomniac) 4) Stab Mckenzies (feat. Centaspike)

J Switch is the musically minded alter ego of Daniel Jensen from Perth Western Australia. J Switch's music career started at an early age of 13 as a guitarist for various Heavy/Thrash Metal Bands. Writing compositions and performing live acts was just the intro into a world of music madness.

At the age 16 it was one extreme to the next discovering hardcore, drum and bass and jungle which pointed him into the rave scene to experience the true potential of Bass. Still performing in the band "Forbidden" at the time J Switch was introduced to Killafoe at a rad party thru good mates which lead to after school mix sessions. During the year J Switch got his hand on any type of music software, hardware, drum machines and FX he could and started to decipher the process of music production. Starting from home recordings of "Forbidden" and mixdowns to experimenting with synthesisers and midi processes.

In 2002 (Age 17) J Switch decided to leave the Band "Forbidden" to continue he's interest in electronic music spending countless nights behind a computer and decks. In late 2004 J Switch had produced a remix of Killafoe's "Now On" which lead the two to sit down in one night and try using two brains instead of one. The next morning the two names had collided to form KILLSWITCH PRODUCTIONS.

Over the years J Switch spent many hours in the studio solely and as a duo producing many diverse styles of Drum and Bass which lead to many gigs at some of Perth's biggest clubs. From here both J Switch and Killafoe were approached to be residents of EbbnFlow and to become part of Inhibit Productions (Perth's leading Promotion Company for the Hard Dark Drum and Bass) and Now residents for Therapy Sessions Perth. But this wasn't just it, they also ran a weekly internet radio show called K-OS SESSIONS on Krisisdnb.com and a Monthly Show on Groove 101.7fm before being banned for there disturbing antics.

Suporting big acts such as Limewax, Current Value, Dylan and Roybn Chaos, Cooh, Nanotek, The Sect, Audio, Apex, Panacea, SPL, Droid Sector, Telamtrik, Spor, Ewun and many more the future looks hold some big and sick things for the crazy zombie.

Now Darkbox Recordings proudly presents Playing with Knives EP, four brutal tracks that will drive you insane!

Out now on best digital stores!!!

Listen & Buy




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