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Some sound and words from DubKraft Records:
Cinematic Dubstep + Cinematic D'n'B compilations are no more!
Here comes Cinematic Bass Music Vol.1 - Midtempo + Uptempo Editions!
It’s the same vibe, music for the movies in your head, stuff for both the floor and the sofa, just giving up on some useless self-limitations.

"Really cool atmospheres
Lovely collection of ambient moody dubs
Will play on the radio"
Laurent Garnier

Preview/Buy on http://www.dubkraftrecords.com

Art by Nikolay Ivanov

Foundation by Loxy & Marginal
Ascensor by Alien Pimp & Volatil
Spanish Eyes by Dudawles
Section44 by Dominic Ridgway
Veryfied by Terry Artovsky
Mistake by Edoc

Love Breaks (My Heart) by Alien Pimp
Become One by Blind Prophet
Blakey by Ikkaku
Let Me Be Alone by Reixtra
Goth by SubJazz
Meditation by Datacode

Available now in the DubKraft store holding the best prices for 320's , and for your wav/flac needs hit digital-tunes.net please!
Available in all good online shops starting 2011.

Being our last release for 2010, we only like to add the warmest thanks to all supporters!
As our Facebook status says, this year was poor and twisted for most people (except bankers, of course) but we received an unprecedented amount of love and for that we are very grateful!! Lately we got support and big ups in various forms from the underground as well as from top acts like Laurent Garnier, Talvin Singh, Loxy, Aquasky, MJ Cole etc
It’s not some lame end-of-the-year sentimentalism, simply the year was also rich in both quality music and pirate links out there, so each time somebody picks our stuff to buy/play/write about it means a lot, maybe not everyone realizes it.

So we hope the last release of 2010 shows that we made efforts to offer you something special, as a sign of appreciation for our supporters.
2011 gonna be something!

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