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Hello people,

Want to win a free copy of Indivision's vinyl single ('Apologies'/'Out of This') on Have-A-Break Recordings?

To enter the competition BECOME A FAN of our Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/Indivisiondnb ) - even better if you already are! -, and SHARE our page with your friends, after that just 'LIKE' this post and DROP A COMMENT that you have shared our page: http://tiny.cc/tlevr

We will give away 10 (!) copies and the competition ends on November 7th 2010. Good luck! Smile

Check the preview of the release here:



Some time after exchanging their own tracks between each other Andrus Kurvits aka Q-Brick and Markus Marjak aka Zero Frequency, two young producers from Estonia, decided to make something together. After creating the first song, they realized that they had created something they could never managed to make on their own.

So, Indivision was born. Bringing their individual influences and experiences together they create mind blowing musical elements. The combination of rolling drums with incredible ambiance accomplished with orchestral sounds all glued together with a deep and warm basslines. A minimalistic vibe to keep a listener cool and chilled or a hot and heavy dancefloor killer, they have got it all!

In such short time they already have releases on Have-A-Break, Formation, Climate and Liquicity Recordings and have gained support from heavyhitters such as John B, Crissy Criss, London Elektricity, KG, Lynx, Mutated Forms etc.

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