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I noticed some posts from people here who are interested to hear how their track could sound after mastering.

Well I do free mastering previews, this way you can hear how your track will sound after mastering without any obligation. If you are pleased with the sound you can go ahead and pay for full mastering (very reasonable pricing). Either way there is no risk and you can get to hear what professional mastering can do for your music.

Just send your track as a .wav or .aiff file to my email address
safeandsound123atgooglemail.com (at being @) via Yousendit or Sendspace.

Regarding limiters :

It is preferable to remove limiters and make sure your track is not exceeding digital zero (0dBFS) on your master output of your DAW (i.e. clipping).
This way I can increase perceived levels without minimal artifacts. I have a choice of limiters and can choose the optimal one for your track.

Look forwards to hearing the music.


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