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ERA - Midi Step Sequencer VSTi/MFX

brings the power of Step-Sequencing into your current audio production environment. The basic functionality is similar to the well-known analogue step-sequencers, but there's much more in it! Integrated into your host and triggering your favorite soft- and hardware synths you can realize your ideas in minutes! It works sample accurate synchronized with almost any host that supports VSTi or Midi-Plugins (MFDoped . ERA is the perfect tool for composition, inspiration, loop creation and live-performance. Break the static barriers of your host - realize your ideas!
The latest updates include a full-featured arpeggiator and a playlist-editor. With v2 the GUI has been completely reworked.

Gat'R - Trancegate MultiFX
is a dedicated pattern-based gating effect. Rhythmic patterns are routable to amplitude, multimode-filter and delay modules in different combinations, or even sent outside to external synths and effects via Midi CC.

EST - Sampling Groovebox VSTi
EST is the perfect mixture of phat-sounding hq-sampler and an advanced 12-row / 16-step-sequencer. The well-thought design with its clue editing and auto-composing features makes it easy to use, even for beginners. Professionals will find new inspirations and appreciate the modulation and automation capabilities. Live enthusiasts will love its midi-control features. The EST-Loop-factory comes as a VSTi-plugin, supports (optionally) multi-out and works well with every VST-Host.

Link :
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