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From phaser to beatcrusher!

On the current mixers used you can find phasers, delay, reverb, bitcrushers, filters, etcetera, …
What does every effect sound like, and how can you use them?

DJ Spacid gives you a handy overview in this video:
Spacid can be found hitting the decks at events such as Dance Valley, Ten Days, Beats of Love, Body to Body, …

He is a Kozzmozz regular and programmer, and is frequently invited to The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, Poland and Malta.


Poppunt supports deejays, producers, bands and musicians. Poppunt provides free advice, and rigs opportunities to play throught its community vi.be. In 2010 Poppunt will organize the second edition of Play & Produce: www.playandproduce.be

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