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Pour all your love, hate and indifference into this thread.
I feel like I've finally given birth. Smile

'Black Water'
The new album from Blu Mar Ten. Out now.

Click here to see the full artwork


1. Black Water - mp3
2. Anytime Soon feat. Kameel - mp3
3. Rouge - mp3
4. Brother - mp3
5. Dolce Vita - mp3
6. Why Me, Why Now feat. Alexis Strum - mp3
7. Silk Road - mp3
8. 2046 - mp3
9. All Over Again feat Ernesto - mp3
10. Ghost Trio - mp3
11. Sunday Water - mp3
12. The Feeling (Remix) feat. Kameel - mp3
13. Turtle Beach - mp3
14. The Conversationalist - mp3
15. Wa'ke - mp3
16. Free At Last - mp3

Buy 'Black Water' from these shops or your usual supplier:


Juno Digital
7 Digital

What other people said about 'Black Water':

"Blu Mar Ten has been with me since the humble beginnings of my professional music career. I loved their old stuff, but believe me, the new stuff is waaay better! "Black Water" is simply breathtaking, from start to finish...."

"Step aside Blue Man group. Blu Mar Ten have arrived and they're a lot lusher and a lot better than you."

"if this was a soundtrack then the movie directors would be spielberg, ridley scott and ang lee. Epic and intense with visually stunning and deeply moving scenes."

"this lp has all boxes ticked and will stand the test of time"

What the press said about 'Black Water':

"A dazzling collection of songs taking in a vast array of styles and influences...Essential listening"

"Black Water swirls and turns like a musical journey over the continents"

"A truly epic trip...'Cinematic' isn't the word"

"An eclectic ride through almost every genre of electronic music"

"A force to be reckoned with...A first class trip into dance music"

"Soaring souful breakbeats...broody electro...precision-made beats and warm organic grooves"
- iDJ

"A display of captivating beats and warm, melody-filled grooves"

Singles from the album are still available

'ALL OVER AGAIN' (Original mix) - audio
'ALL OVER AGAIN' (Tom Middleton remix) - audio
'ALL OVER AGAIN' (Sabre remix) - audio
'ALL OVER AGAIN' (Kubiks remix) - audio

'ANYTIME SOON' (Original mix feat Kameel) - audio
'ANYTIME SOON'' (Blu Mar Ten d&b remix) - audio

'BLACK WATER' (Original mix) - audio
'BLACK WATER' (Blu Mar Ten d&b remix) - audio

Get the singles from these shops or your usual supplier:

Buy on mp3 from iTunes
Buy on mp3 from Beatport
Buy on mp3 from Juno Digital
Buy on vinyl from Juno
Buy on vinyl from Chemical
Buy on vinyl from Exceptional
Buy on vinyl from Redeye
Buy on vinyl from Breakbeat Science

Our last album, "The Six Million Names of God" is also still available on CD and download from all usual shops

Thanks for all your support

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