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Check out E.S.P. tonight at 12 midnight on 106.4FM in Dublin & surrounding areas and worldwide on the net @ http://homepages.iol.ie/~rnl102/fuaim.html

& click on live stream.

Tonight I'll be starting off the 1st half of the show with another varied mix from Jungle through to DnB. Expect to hear the some classics and tracks from the likes of High Contrast, Hyper On Experience, Chris Su, SKC, Mindscape, Crystal Clear, Top Buzz and DJ Nut Nut to name a few.

Then I have quality guest mix of durty dnb from Nippoman, featuring tracks from the likes of Special Forces, Ed Rush & Optical, Usual Suspsects, Juju, Danny Breaks, Tech Itch and many more. Anyone who heard him play at Resonance B4 Christmas will know what to expect from this man, & if ya didn't then deffo check out the show or miss out.

Tune In/Lock on & Brock da fook out!


Check out my Radio show, E.S.P. every Wed night at midnight on Dublin's Radio Na Life 106.4fm or on the net @
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