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Hi Guys,

or what's left of you. Internet went, left us behind, huh?

It's been 10 years, would you believe it? Where've you been? Myself, I sold my all gear, years ago, got involved heavily on work , quit music making all together. However, time's changed, I'm older now, we're older now, Kids are older.

It's time to get back to the DnB business. I was never a Surya, GreyOne (et all) - I did look up to you guys. Envied your production.

So to pay homage to my heritage on DnB making, to say thanks to all you guys when you taught me the basics, I wanted to say I am back. Back to basics, actually - I still suck, I suppose.

I just posted first DnB track for over 10 years. Wanted to tell you that.

Have a listen, if you will.

Best of luck in life for you all, bang some occasional beat once for a while, will ya?

Mikko Sundman,
Aka The Great Fisher Cat
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