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----- ZUN INN presents ERIC SNEO -----

- ERIC SNEO [GER - Phobiq - Mudra - 1605]

With his unique performances on the E-drums during his DJ sets, Eric swiftly developed into a distinctive and highly sought after international player. After he presented his unique “Art of Life” show at the Nature One Festival (2009) for the first time, he gained rave reviews throughout an exclusive festival tour of the show in the summer 2010 and 2011. By incorporating the playing of live instruments into his DJ sets, he is an unforgettable performer. Eric can combine his trademark groovy technoid DJ style with his live performance of a range of acoustic and electronic instruments, including E-Drums, E-accordion, percussion & didgeridoo.
Over the past two years, Eric has continued to increase his profile as aninternational artist, with and amazing flow of releases on some of the world’s most exciting techno labels, such as – 1605, Tronic, MB Elektronics, Phobiq, Agile, Evolution and Transmit. Rarely does a week go by without an Eric Sneo release appearing in the Beatport Techno Top 100.

- Seba Lecompte
- Seyn vs Shimmy
- Dj Meel
- Man Outta Space
- Red Moon

----- ZANZIBAR by UVERLAST -----

- Minnaer
- Peptic Ulker & Derek Noble
- Jeff Grunt & Paco De Moor
- Airvex & Walter T

----- INFO -----

Friday 9/10/2015
Doors: 23H00

Overpoortstraat 76
9000 Gent

Artwork & Flyer by Phaze Øne
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