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01.Hybris & Presence Known - Absolute Power
02.Kung - Devil's Finger
03.Trilo - Enterprise
04.Soligen & Type-2 - Biology
05.Asphexia - Pray
06.Icicle - The Edge (feat. Metropolis)
07.Asphexia - Diablo
08.Kung - Flux State
09.Mefjus - Saturate
10.Zombie Cats - Moments of Truth
11.Zombie Cats & Mefjus - Must Eat
12.Mefjus ft Misanthrop - Stutter
13.Aeph - Seadrome
14.L 33 - Melt
15.Task Horizon - Flame Fetish
16.Aeph - Fall For You (feat. Tasha Baxter)
17.Task Horizon - Weave the Strands
18.Maztek & Disprove - Bad Body
19.Royalston - Slimebanks
20.Mefjus - Suicide Bassline
21.Ed Rush - Scarabs
22.InsideInfo - Mushroom
23.Icicle - Problem (feat. Skittles)
24.Cruel Culture & Keosz - Threat
25.Zombie Cats & Logam - Vintage

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