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I'm pleased to now offer an online based mastering/mixing service.
Primarily aimed at the digital musician wanting/needing assistance in finalising their work.
I'm using a tried and tested software based studio, with monitors I know inside out in a room I'm well versed in.
My rates are extremely competitive; and all monies raised will be put back into the studio. I have extensive experience of mixing/mastering for digital and I like to think my tunes speak for themselves. I've also mastered tunes for various dnb labels and artists.
(At this time I'm not looking at red book or vinyl mastering, these are things for the future)

I also offer a stem-mixing service at higher rates.

For examples check the cloud:
I also have mixed and mastered all my own tunes featured here on .be

I offer a free 1min example clip, for which I would need a 1min wav from you.
*However* please read the client faq first to ensure that I can deliver the best possible result.


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ImpactMastering: Affordable Digital Mastering/Mixing service

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