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(...)Looking after history of electronic and club music there's no actually genre, the most experimental style and courageous sounds that wouldn't have their fans in the whole world. The most niche market styles are non niche in some moments, some genres that are no more mainstreams nowadays are still on case in turn, they are still playable in home studios, mixed in clubs and bedrooms. Why would I or someone elses make such tracks only for ourselves?..." (...) MB

Smashintracks.com is a brand new and unique mp3 shop with music dedicated to club music producers and djs.
The most atractive and unmistakable element in this mp3 shop is an ultra user friendly desing without a doubt, that allows to upload and sell producers tracks in 4 simple steps. It could be described as follows:

1. Register yourself (make your own profile)
2. Upload your tracks
3. Sell your tracks
4. Withdraw money

The day you are finishing your track you could sell it to your fans in the whole world right away!

If you are not cooperating with any labels, you're waiting for the label of your dreams or just about to decide to promote yourself on your own - Smashintracks.com is absolutely for you. In the moment of registering you are getting user friendly panel: to upload your tracks
in mp3 / 320 kbps format, to check your sales statistics, your profile visits, your tracks previews or amount of tracks added to others wishlists. Withdraws are possible with one click and money you have earned will be transfered to your Paypal account.

Check this out!

Smashintracks.com Team

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