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ez all the Dangerous New Age Podcast 04 is now available to download Happy

you can download / listen to it directly from my soundcloud player:


1. Blame - Let it go (Cain Mos & Scoop Back2you Compeition Remix) [Dub]
2. Ketz - Cyber Guru [Nasha]
3. Int Company - Worlds Collide [Dangerous New Age Dub]
4. Task Horizon & Kim Kleinert - Tell Me (feat Keri Greenaway) [Live And Dangerous Dub]
5. Bad Ace & Ketz - Solace [Dub]
6. Ketz - Cyclic Theory [Dub]
7. KZSS - Damage Control [Dangerous New Age]
8. Loki - Psych [Bad Taste Dub]
9. Rico, Scoop & Repetition - Holla (feat Keri Greenaway) [Live And Dangerous]
10. Tonnie Fox - A Breath of Fresh Air [Dangerous New Age Dub]
11. Sephiroth - Scion [C2D Dub]
12. C-Sonix - Fire of Combat [Melting Pot]
13. Mechanical Freaks - Invasion [Dangerous New Age Dub]
14. Kryteria & Ketz - Alive (Task Horizon Remix) [C2D Dub]
15. Mind Warden - Third Moon [Dangerous New Age Dub]
16. Ketz feat J Clayton - Sitarmageddon [Dub]
17. Qo - Juggernaut [Dangerous New Age Dub]
18. STHS - Cruel Temptation [Dangerous New Age Dub]
19. Scoop, Cain Mos, Rene, La Vice & Dioptrics - Memories (feat Keri Greenaway) [Dub]
20. Ketz & Wreckage Machinery - Damnation [Mindtech]
21. Aeph - Burning Shadow (Prolix Remix) [Close 2 Death]
22. Ble3k - Prophecies (Remix) [Dangerous New Age Dub]
23. Kryteria & Ketz - Chains [Dub]
24. Zeal, Litta & Wreckage Machinery - Rampage [TRIM Dub]
25. Optiv - Stereotype [Mindtech Dub]
26. Anthrax - Insanity [Dangerous New Age Dub]
27. Insom - Coming to Earth [Dangerous New Age Dub]
28. Inside Info - Bit Rhythm [Trust in Music]
29. Billain - Coded [C2D Dub]
30. Artomik & Heitor - The Right Thing [Dangerous New Age Dub]
31. RRegula - Gravitron [Mindtech Dub]
32. Fortitude & Ketz - Panmixia [C2D Dub]
33. Ketz - Mankind (Ble3k Remix) [Abducted]
34. Qhymera - Dynamic Damage [Dangerous New Age Dub]
35. Fortitude - Womb to Tomb [C2D Dub]

Hope you enjoy the mix Drummer


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