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Simplify Mix Sessions V.3 - Phrenik



01. The Living Graham feat Fiona Bevan – "Winter Hunter" (Bare Noize
Remix) (Fat!)
02. Apex – "Nowhere To Run" (Datsik & Excision Remix) (Lifted)
03. Psidream – "Tech 9" (Triage Remix) (Onset Audio)
04. Phrenik – "The Androids" (Simplify)
05. Black Sun Empire – "Hypersun" (Shadows Of The Empire)
06. Datsik & 12th Planet – "Texx Mars" (SMOG)
>> Emalkay – "When I Look At You" (Dub Police)
07. Kelly Dean & Steady – "Teflon" (Datsik & Excision Remix) (SMOG)
08. Nero - "Act Like You Know" (Dubstep Remix) (Breakbeat Kaos)
09. Bassnectar – Basshead (SPL Remix) (Amorphous Music)
10. Phrenik – "Another Dimension" (Simplify)
11. Sub Focus – "Timewarp VIP" (Ram)
12. DC Breaks – "Halo" (Viper)
13. Delta Heavy – "Abort" (Viper)
14. Phrenik – "Timeline" (Onset Audio)
15. Blokhe4d & Dieselboy – "Get Back" (Unique Artists)
16. Lifted vs Shock One – "We Dominate" (Phrenik Mashup VIP)
17. SPL feat Geno Cochino – "Union Jack" (Hollow Point)
18. Vent – "Something Else" (Z Audio)
19. Nero – "Innocence" (MTA)
20. Glenn Wilson – "Just Wanna Dance With You" (NTRLD Remix) (Simplify)
21. Excision – "Boom" (Triage Remix) (Rottun)
22. Phrenik – "Different World" (Onset Audio)
23. Dexcell – "Alternate" (Dubstep Remix) (Simplify)
24. Distorted Minds – "T-10" (Chasing Shadows Remix) (D-Style)
25. SPL & Triage – "Valhalla" (Hollow Point)
26. Vaski feat Nik One – "Ferocious" (Rottun)
27. Chi feat Armani Reign – "Get Up" (Shift)
28. Bulletproof feat Tiki – "Soundtrack" To Forever (Cyanide)

Running Time: 73:15

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