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Soothsayer 013 Dub-One - "Pressure of 10,000" / G-Netic - "Flatline" - Out Now!

And we've returned from a light slumber with a huge new release. AMEN!

Listen to Dub-One -"Pressure of 10,000"

Listen to G-Netic -"Flatline"

alternative audio -





Building on the momentum of the monumental SS012 Enduser Remixes and Niskala's debut 12" on the new sublabel, Tenebrae, Soothsayer continues the aural onslaught with SS013 Dub-one - "Pressure of 10,000" b/w G-Netic -"Flatline".

After three years Dub-One returns to Soothsayer with the magnificent jungle smasher, "Pressure of 10,000". His Soothsayer debut ,"Cry of war", (SS008 ) contributed a new sound to the ever changing Soothsayer menagerie. In the meantime the Sussex based badman has been honing his skills for prestigious labels like Xtinction Agenda and Scientifc Wax, which he co-operates with Equinox. Pressure of 10,000 adds yet another dimension to the Soothsayer oeuvre, a disgustingly sordid improvement upon the classic jungle sound. We've seen fit to feed the lions on this one with the most delectable beats, bass, mentasm, and just a touch of timestretch flange for the roughnecks. Tarzan has been notified!

Los Angeles based G-Netic makes his Soothsayer debut with the industrial crust core "Flatline" Having seen release on the splinterbeats label, Mindsaw, we're very fortunate to have procured his sophmore offering for SS013. Flatline is overflowing with trash can beats and pummeling machine gun breaks, harder and nastier than "Low Profile Darkness" era Panacea whilst being exponentially better produced and engineered. Rabid Rottweiler beats designed for a reckoning on the dancefloor.

Hear Dub-One and G-Netic's basslines roar!





Still Available - SS012 Enduser Dj Hidden Skeksis Manoeuvre Remixes

Soothsayer and Dubplatelet are Available at the Following Quality Retailers:

Triple Vision NL
The Hard Store/Underground Music UK
WS Records UK
Hard to Find Records UK
Praxis Shop Germany
Toolbox Records Fr
Stamina Records FR
Noise Exchange Australia
Wrecked Distro USA
Redeye Records UK
Zions Gate USA
Juno Records UK
Chemical Records UK
Breakbeat Science USA
Rec-Order NL
Antenne NL

and many, many more!


AVAILABLE VIA BEATPORT, DIGITAL-TUNES, JUNO UK, & ADDICTECH in the near future. Check out our backcatalogue in the meantime!

Soothsayer, Dubplatelet, and Tenebrae are Available at the Following Quality Digital Retailers:

Digital Tunes
Juno Download

NEW WEBSITE SOON in the meantime check these spaces:




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