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Dj-Lowprofile Dj-Lowprofile is a male

Registration Date: 25-01-2005
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Please check out my new track 'Ragga souljah' and post your comments here!!!

Newer version....changed a few things...let me know
14-03-2005 13:17
Anthem Anthem is a male

Registration Date: 18-02-2005
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liked it again .. untill 3:37 ... keep some bass/effect/snare/... running in the back ... will sound alot better ...
hmmm .. i think the whole ending is messed up now ... need to change that ...

but hey , it's a great track thoogh !!!
14-03-2005 13:27 Homepage of Anthem
muphasta muphasta is a male
Master Producer


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ya man this is my style.

just a few things that could make it better. first i think you need more variation in breaks and sounds cause the snare gets a bit boring and too bright with the skank in contrast too the voices. try to introduce the amens in the first part. construct more. the second important thing is balace and volume of the voice, it is too far away. terror sound is good but do something with it. layer some other shit in it. maybe its just a case of lowering the drums and giving it some boost and less hight. I dont feel its ready. maybe some more rasta shit in it. work on it!!!

muphasta none dnb
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14-03-2005 20:43
Surya Surya is a male
The Robot


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Nice drums in the intro, but maybe the hats are a bit too much up front.

Ragga vocals are decent.

I wouldn't use the same melody as Deadline, since you're already using that sound...

Drop with amenz: nice work.

Hmmm, what's that huge gap for Confused If you intended it as a continues track, I would make that a bit shorter Wink

2.5/5 for the track
2.5/5 for the sound

"In dnb you should make people jump not swim"
- Pieter Frenssen 2004

22-03-2005 15:32 Homepage of Surya
tech1 tech1 is a male
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Registration Date: 21-03-2005
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good in tro 31 records bass dont go with the rest ov the trak but the trak has form but in that its mix well bass and drum not a fan ov bass pinching good 1992 vibe 2i it Bigup
22-03-2005 16:00
Halph-Price Halph-Price is a male
Zombie Algorithm


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the drop seems to be a bit thin, but hell i like it, maybe its the vocals lack punch durning the drop.

eq them to have there own freq.

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23-03-2005 15:02 Homepage of Halph-Price
Sound Fusion Sound Fusion is a male


Registration Date: 23-03-2005
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Yes ragga drum n bass always sounds gud!!!
Beat is heavey sick switch wen tune drops! Propa
if u ask me!
24-03-2005 00:07
Patlabor Patlabor is a female


Registration Date: 07-04-2007
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Yez yEZ feeling this track!
wicked drumz.
but why is there no(or nearly) bassline
when the ganja dude starts singin..
anyway that's the only comment i have
(maybe the drumz are bit too loud,but
idon't know foshow)

Anduu, GOOd job m8 Bigup
keep'em coming
CheErz Listen
11-04-2007 09:43
Phazzy Phazzy is a male
Cool Producer

Registration Date: 12-10-2003
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soo many of the samples on this track r stolen.
phat track i like it
but i recognise too many of the samples
uve actually stolen a whole bass line loop at one point. and the funky base drum at the start...

i love the jungle section around 2mins

good production - just try a bit more originality!

keep it up

03-01-2008 07:07
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