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As in the most big cities the Breakz on Tour concept is at search to propagate this exclusive festivity.It allready travelled a lot but till now it couldnt find pretty pretty 9000 town, Ghent.
Subsequently Stepping Bass is taking this chance to maintain this issue!
For once, Stepping Bass will deviate from their "once a year feast" for this highly interesting matter.
Get yourself prepared to buckle up for a one shot opportunity ! ! !

Young talent of the night is Kaytodad.By many premised as thé upcoming dj in Belgium, you'd better keep your attention secure.Later on, the man I dont need to introduce, Rudy rocket.Steambeast and extremely popular as dj and as human.With his decennia of experience we all know that he cant go wrong.
It has been a long time but I'm glad that I can introduce you Crossfire.In his busy schedule he found time to join the forces this night.We can expect a blending mix of techy tunes and an exclusive extra of rare classics.He promised to make this one special.
For the first time in Belgium I'm proud to present you Muffler aka Konsta from Finland.This musical talent has been providing hot music on the hottest labels like Commercial suicide, Moving Shadow, Hospital, Outbreak, . . . This variation in productions is the trend in his dj-sets.Fast,clean mixing combined with a steady selection for everybody's taste.Just what this Breakz on Tour needs to still the hunger of all those different flavours.
At the end you can expect a full skirmish of Eskey & Sallow.In their familiar style they wont hold back to tear the roof away.
Dont forget that Mc Mush and Soul Mc are going to team up to guide you through the night.They both proved themself extraordinaire as mc-duo.Dont forget that mc's are not only a background addition!

Only 5 euros ! ! ! ! (crazy!)
- We keep the beers and water at a lower price
- Enjoy going out in artcube while its possible
- The recruiting for breakz-promoteams is going on.So let yourself be heard
- Big up Saphir for the design and Dixie for the addition

Hope to see you guys ALL there,


Stepping bass
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