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Evil Hey fellow d&b-heads,

Posting on here as I'm about to start a drum & bass radio show on my uni radio station - theres no d&b shows and Im desperate to pioneer the dnb scene here.

However - I'm an amature DJ with a pretty tiny vynl collection - not nearly enough to form an hr and half show weekly.
My talent is the presenting of shows - not so much the mixing, although the love i have for dnb shines thru my show presenting.

With so many talented dnb dj's uploading mix after mix on here everyday, it would be amazing if one (or some) dj's would put together a set each week (or give me permission to just use their existing ones) for me to broadcast as a show - merely presented by me. It would only need to be an hr and half and with track listings.

I cant offer any cash for this as im a skint student, but just a chance to get exposure of the only dnb show in a huge city with a big following (our union has brought shy fx, dillinja, A.I, Adam F, Lemon D and more to their live events - huge dnb following but with no radio show until now) - the station also streams live online with a listen again option.

Of course, all the credit for the mix will go to you, and the way i'll present it is as if you are right there in the studio next to me mixing it live (ie. "props to the DJ [Insert name] for another tight mix for the dnb show"].
Hoping this is something y'all would be interested in,
Keep it Dnb
Tommy Evil


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