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Fullmetal from Stockholm, Sweden has some
nice musical ideas for us. He proves that
heavy Drum & Bass and catchy melodies go
well together and can fire up dancefloors.
These two tracks both are quite solid
examples of non-generic but atmospherical
music that generates a lot of energy.
Please also check out his mini-album
"Into The Void" which is available now
on T3K Recordings, too.



This mini-album by Fullmetal features
four tracks plus an exclusive bonus track
of bass-driven Drum & Bass. Strong leads
and distinctive soundscapes accompany rinsing
breakbeats and catchy reeces. Do not hesitate
to also listen to previous releases by the man
(see T3K-EXP017 "Everything We Got EP" and
T3K-LTD016 "Nothing To Prove"). There
is a free download available, too: look out for
T3K-FREE043 "Underwater Domain"...



Of course you can browse the following links to check out T3K Recordings on various platforms.

Homepage (click on icon):

Get some merch or shirts (click on icon):

Check out digital releases and mp3 shops (click on icon):

Follow the label and its artists on social networks and music platforms (click on icon):

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