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Thread: 808 & 303 prices

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RE: 808 & 303 prices 20-04-2009 10:37 Forum: Hardware

£800 - £1000 last time I checked.......depends on the condition though.

They're great for a live setup and if I had the money i'd get one.... but I agree with Ghost. If you're working almost exclusively in software, there's not much point. Just get some really high quality 808 samples and use your sampler.
Thread: Ganja, weed, hash... whatever you call it, we love it

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25-03-2009 19:36 Forum: Offtopic banter

Originally posted by Phyella
Dude YES. Thats decent viewing.
Though I gotta say the book beats it on every level! Big Grin

The book is 100000000000000000000000000000000 times better than the film....thought the film was more than disappointing after reading the book. The book goes places that the film can never touch. The book also has some scenes which I'm not sure could ever been shown on screen Devil
Thread: splash sound fx

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20-03-2009 09:58 Forum: Production questions & answers

Originally posted by Puzzle
Try searching from www.soundsnap.com, its your best bet once again. Wink

Never heard of this site until the other day. It looks really really good.

Searched for 'water splash' and there are hundreds of results Smile
Thread: The Jade Goody thread

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20-03-2009 09:50 Forum: Offtopic banter

Originally posted by Tomos
What's the difference between looking for Big Foot and Jade Goody?
One's a careless hunt...

Jade Goody has cancer, and she claims that she is worried that hair loss might ruin her looks.
Nice to see she hasn't lost her sense of humour.

Apparently Jade's cancer is eating away at her brain now.
Poor thing...it must be fucking starving

Jade Goody was looking great at a recent wedding
Not a hair out of place

Whats the difference between Cancer and a Goat?
Jade Goody can't milk a goat.

What's the difference between the England Cricket team and Jack Tweed?
Jack Tweed will be the only one with Ashes on his mantlepiece in the summer.

Max Clifford has announced that Jade Goody's family are preparing for the worst.
What? A full recovery?

ROFL haha awesome

just noticed this thread, got some stuff to say about this later when I get time Wink (needs lots of it)
Thread: hey (new user)

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19-03-2009 09:28 Forum: Offtopic banter

Welcome, welcome..... it's nice to see someone introducing themself - doesn't happen often these days Smile
Thread: radio sounds

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RE: radio sounds 16-03-2009 12:20 Forum: Production questions & answers

Originally posted by Muad'Dib
Why don't you make your own radio sounds, walkie-talkie style?

Get a filter which will only permit frequencies from 1000 to 4000 Hz (experiment with these), then add tape distortion, and you got yourself a radio sound used by special forces. Big Grin

definitely make your own.

or use my trick, get an FM radio transmitter - the type they sell for MP3 players etc

Record whatever you want (either in real time or otherwise) transmit it over radio and re-record it, with the radio slighty tuned out for real radio static.

Recorded a bunch of songs like this. Awful quality but amazing sound.
Thread: Man U 1 Liverpool 4

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16-03-2009 11:37 Forum: Offtopic banter

I'm not a massive football fan but someow it's always satisfying to see Man U lose and watching their supporters crying about it Big Grin

well, there's only one thing left to say and it's.......

plaaay up pompey, pompey plaaay up Drummer
Thread: >>>The All new Dotbe breaks comp thread<<<

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16-03-2009 11:19 Forum: Producers private board

Originally posted by BattleDrone
Whatever the ratings of my tune will be like,
I'll be giving away the samples and the FL-studio files in which I layered the drums.

Maybe we (the contestants) could make one big sample pack from all the sounds created out of the original break, after all it is original material and you've been using it in a tune already so you probably won't use it a second time.

Every sample in the pack would carry the authors name, e.g.
Break1(Binary Havoc).wav

So you won't be forgotten by future generations Big Grin

Any ideas on this?

Sounds like a really good idea. Don't know if i'll finish my track (a certain little boy is taking up most of my free time at the moment Big Grin ) but hopefully i'll at least have some samples for the pack.

I'm finding it quite challenging and fun.
Thread: Regular mixer or powermixer for vocals

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16-03-2009 11:15 Forum: Hardware

yeah man they're rock solid. I've seen them thrown around, stamped on, crushed with stacks, dribbled on, screamed into and they take it. Without a flinch in quality too. Probably one of the best mics ever made for amateur productions and live work.
Thread: Regular mixer or powermixer for vocals

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14-03-2009 09:24 Forum: Hardware

SM58 is a dynamic mic. It doesnt need phantom power.

Powered mixers are usually referred to as the type that have a built in amplifier to power speakers. Ususally to power a PA a gigs etc.

You wont need this at home if you have active monitors.

Any decent mixer will have phantom power anyway, it's only the really little ones ie 4 channel behringers, tapco etc and other low end mixers. Even so for yourself they would be fine as you have a dynamic mic anyway.

The SM58 is usually used as a stage vocal mic - you'll see them pretty much everywhere as they're great for live use. Good enough quality for pub & small venue gigs, club mc'ing. They're really durable as well. I've done live demo recordings with SM58's both on vocals and (unfortunately) on guitar also. They're good enough for a first demo or capturing a live performance for reference. You wont get amazing recordings from it.

Having said that for home use, with vocal and instrument recording you'll probably find the sounds quality more than acceptable. I've done a couple of bedroom recordings with really old Shure dynamics and they came out pretty well.
Thread: Punchy kicks and snares,4 god's sake,HOW ?

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13-03-2009 11:19 Forum: Production questions & answers

Those are some awesome tips Ghost. Smile

It's all about layering your hits, layering your breaks and layering hits on top of your breaks. There's lots of information about layering kicks & snares on this forum already. Do a search and you'll find lots of useful info.

I agree with Ketz too, choosing your samples wisely is also important. Try to use the highest quality possible. You can always degrade but can never uprade the quality of a sample.

Use effects - overdrive, distortion, saturation (sparingly - don't over do it) to give your beats some crunch.

Use compression and EQ. This has been explained already. Again loads of info here on both of these.

Also with Redrum & NNXT you can send your individual outs into EQs and compressors and process hits individually. Then use the line mixer to create sub mixes and apply send effects (ie reverb & delay) from there. I usually group my drums in a combinator patch.
Thread: radio sounds

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RE: radio sounds 13-03-2009 10:58 Forum: Production questions & answers

I used to know a really good one, with loads of recordings of things like brazilian rainforests, london streets, morrocan markets etc etc

Cant remember the name though. Will try and find it.
Thread: The official rant thread.

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12-03-2009 23:07 Forum: Offtopic banter

Originally posted by Phyella
Originally posted by Seven Gun
"you know what really grinds my gears?"

world politics.

fucking arseholes man. we are all human and have to share this planet.
wtf is with all the hate and killing?

jump up DnB! for fucks sake man. what's happened to my love?
instead of organic, feel good, get up and dance music, 90% of the stuff we have is a fucking soul-less noise of "static" and distortion. add to that some fucking nursery rhyme counter-melodies Cry

oh... and russell brand is CUNT. fact!
he was born a cunt and will die a cunt (soon hopefully)

nuclear weapons. now i aint no left-wing softy bollocks, but these things scare the utter shit out of me... STILL!
i do see the need for them... just not the thousands that are ready to launch.
anything that can destroy the entire world in 1 day, that we have the power to use, just is WRONG.

its just a pathetic concept imho.

religious right wing groups.
fucking shit stirring, trouble causing, mindless bufoons.

on the other hand... left wing softy bollocks.
"waaaahhh waahhhh waaah, animals are not happy... let gays stick dicks in eachothers arses on the streets... dont sing baa baa black sheep in schools" etc etc etc.
STFU you crybaby motherfuckers and get a grip. Burning

kids. sooooo annoying. even worse. naughty kids. even worse teenage kids...

Every day that I grow older, I find myself spouting forth rants like this more and more Big Grin
Meldrew Crew in tha house Rinse

Second, third and fourth that.

I hate political correctness. Especially when it comes to women..... don't want to be called policewoman, don't want to be called actress...jeez get a life.
Thread: The official rant thread.

Replies: 52
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12-03-2009 23:03 Forum: Offtopic banter

why do they always put the lollypop dudes at pedestrian crossings? Surely the point is to have them at places where there are no crossings??????
Thread: ableton live 8

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12-03-2009 12:58 Forum: Ableton Live

I'm rockin this at the moment and I must say like the previous versions - I love it. I find it really easy to compose in session view, then build my arrangement from there.

The new drum rack is great, the ability to process each hit individually is a big improvement.

Still find the sequencer a little frustrating at times (I still think the MIDI sequencing in Logic is by far the most intuitive of any sequencer I've used - logic, cubase, fl studio, live, reason)

It seems a little processor heavy. Especially when I start using 3rd party VST's. I was able to have a lot more in Logic 5 before my CPU load was too high.

MIDI latency is lower than in Reason. Same MIDI interface.

Gotta love using acappellas. So easy to get them in time. Love it.
Thread: >>>The All new Dotbe breaks comp thread<<<

Replies: 70
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12-03-2009 11:16 Forum: Producers private board

Started messing about with this last night. It really pushes your creativity in sample mangling and effects processing. It was somewhat easier than I thought to completely chnage the sounds. Just a little worried about making those drums really beefy...we'll see though Wink
Thread: How about a song competition?

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10-03-2009 23:28 Forum: Producers private board

Hang on, it's just one break and thats it? 10 second sample or whatever then make every sound from the track from it?

Sounds interesting, Just checkin I got it right.

Going to involve lots of creative sampling and processing.

Can't promise I'll have loads of time to do it, and may not finish, but i'll certainly give it a go.
Thread: The official rant thread.

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10-03-2009 23:23 Forum: Offtopic banter

Originally posted by TheSentinel
Originally posted by Yawn
Digital Photography. Digital Black & white. Correcting poorly taken photos in photoshop.

Pick up a film camera & then see if you're a 'photographer'.

I would if I could.

My dad still uses his film slr sometimes but I think he prefers to use digital slr nowadays as it's much faster and as you say, you can touch up the photos.

I don't really touch mine up.
At most I may add a slight bit of unsharp mask, crop and do channel mixer conversion for realistic black and white.

*also it costs between €20-30 per film developing over here in Spain. Had a film camera when moved here. expensive.

No i agree, and I think that there are a lot of people who were proficient at using film before the onset of digital for whom it's a natural progression but still have the technical ability.

I just see so many kids (i'm talking about my cousin really, but many still) that pick up a digital SLR take a few crappy photos and think they're Henri-Cartier Bresson.

It just pisses me off, I don't know why! Confused
Thread: The official rant thread.

Replies: 52
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10-03-2009 01:28 Forum: Offtopic banter

Digital Photography. Digital Black & white. Correcting poorly taken photos in photoshop.

Pick up a film camera & then see if you're a 'photographer'.
Thread: Help me think of a boys name for my soon to be born baby!

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10-03-2009 01:22 Forum: Offtopic banter

thanks so much for all the comments!! we're extremely proud and happy parents Smile

Will start him on the Rinse and the Rockin so he'll be bustin out his first tune by 5 lol Tongue

will keep y'all updated
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