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Thread: Great new cymbal sample pack available

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RE: Great new cymbal sample pack available 06-12-2013 12:29 Forum: Drumnbass.be news

Damn, missed the sample pack. Does anyone still have all the sample packs? Want to upload them to torrent or something??? That would be awesome
Thread: This is NOT the end. Dnbbe will NOT be taken offline soon.

Replies: 58
Views: 32,483
RE: soundcloud for music =) 06-12-2013 11:14 Forum: Drumnbass.be news

Just logged in for the first time in ages, so glad to hear this site is still kicking. I have some great memories of this place. Thanks heaps for keeping it going Chronic.

Thread: Hypoxic - Hypoxic - Chimeric Transenlightenment

Replies: 6
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13-11-2007 11:22 Forum: Tunes

Cheers dudes,
Glad you liked it.

Not sure about the cow bell, maybe with a ton of effects it could work..
But cheers for the feedback.

Might have a play with the bass line, havn't really put much thought into it yet.

Big Grin

Thread: Hypoxic - Hypoxic - Chimeric Transenlightenment

Replies: 6
Views: 2,879
10-11-2007 11:11 Forum: Tunes

hey man, shpongle vibes! I'm stoked....
cheers for the comments, glad you liked it...
maybe I will do some more work on this then...

At the moment I'm really into Analog Child, he is a prog psy producer. Check out his Freak On ep.. Started my set at this bush doof a few weeks ago with one of his tracks and people just got sucked onto the dance floor. The quality of his tracks is awesome...

The dnb producers on this site inspire me heaps (but haven't been here for a while), that lecker track by Noisia and their other stuff is rad too.

Have a good one
Thread: Hypoxic - Hypoxic - Chimeric Transenlightenment

Replies: 6
Views: 2,879
Hypoxic - Hypoxic - Chimeric Transenlightenment 09-11-2007 03:44 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Hypoxic - Chimeric Transenlightenment' and post your comments here!!!

Thread: Repulsive Wavs Dnb Sample Cd Available To Buy Now

Replies: 27
Views: 11,929
15-05-2007 05:04 Forum: Software

in NZD about $40. Jacks it up a bit...
Thread: Glim - Mind Games (preview)

Replies: 22
Views: 8,950
RE: Glim - Mind Games (preview) 13-05-2006 09:06 Forum: Tunes

likin this track glim, start is wicked. good shit. main snare
is awesome. no time to write more. Drummer
Thread: Surya - Shogun

Replies: 19
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RE: Surya - Shogun 29-04-2006 11:22 Forum: Tunes

awesome track surya,

nice intro, i like that melody.

this track has a trancy energy to it,

cool beats and samples, some good quality shit here.

whole track flows real nice....

the more i listen to this the better it gets.

Thread: Glim - Eyes

Replies: 14
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RE: Glim - Eyes 29-04-2006 10:41 Forum: Tunes

noice one, this is one energetic track,

cool intro, nice and dark. Beets are clean..
great atmosphere...

love the noise at .40 and 3.11...

at 1.03 when the new bass comes in the background
atmosphere of the track drops off...not sure if you ment this or not.
still sounds good but it could of stayed in there till the breakdown
i reck...

break down at 2.30 is cool.

sweet track man, wicked energy!
Thread: Surya - The Silence (Surya's Evol Remake 2005)

Replies: 54
Views: 18,378
14-04-2006 12:45 Forum: Tunes

yer this is one of my faviourtes tooo, raw power!!!
Thread: Nosrac - If Tomorrow Dies [Vocal Remix of Murderous Rampage]

Replies: 14
Views: 5,764
RE: Nosrac - If Tomorrow Dies [Vocal Remix of Murderous Rampage] 14-04-2006 11:41 Forum: Tunes

Slick track man, this is some good quality shit right here....

Vocals are errie man, like em, kinda biork style.
In fact the whole track is errie, espec the chilled out
bit at the end....

Mad edits and samples, so much detail......

i like!!!
Thread: Something different.....

Replies: 2
Views: 2,611
RE: Something different..... 11-04-2006 18:44 Forum: Tunes

man that pic of the bum is classic!

glad you liked it, you gotta love the aussie alcoholic talkin in
that track hey....

Thread: SuRoRa-Arctik

Replies: 10
Views: 3,453
RE: SuRoRa-Arctik 11-04-2006 18:35 Forum: Tunes

Yo, yer i reckon you need to darken the mellow bell, maybe put it down a few steps or put some distortion on it.

Beats are sic, i like the trance string that comes in,

track is very energetic and interesting,
some complex soundin edits in this,
wish i could do this stuffff....you bastard....

Bell is kinda growin on me, but there are a few notes that
sound out of place, you have a good melodic sense tho it seems.

Good shit!

edit: this will be awesome for a film. such great atmosphere! Nice and

edit2: i like the bell now, grown on me....
Thread: Something different.....

Replies: 2
Views: 2,611
Something different..... 11-04-2006 15:14 Forum: Tunes


If you wanna hear some messed up tripped out music,
check out my cousins myspace,
he is the one that got me into producing years ago....

Thread: camo - dreams

Replies: 12
Views: 4,704
RE: camo - dreams 10-04-2006 15:51 Forum: Tunes

Nice work camo, this track flows really nice.

Really like your chilled stuff, like rise up....

All the samples fit together sweeet..

No complaints about the bass, i like it, smooth.

thanks for sharin, really enjoyin this...........
Thread: camo - experiments (unfinished)

Replies: 14
Views: 4,955
RE: camo - experiments (unfinished) 25-03-2006 09:37 Forum: Tunes

awesome track man, you can finish this for sure!

intro is sweet, you ever thought of makin stuff for movies?

bass that comes in at 1.06 needs a bit of work both sound wise
and melodic. the first 3 bars are cool but the 4th sounds not right.
not sure about the cut on the 4th too.

the vocal sample is cool, but i reckon more reverb.
not sure about the gun shot when this plays the first time.

keep at it......
Thread: camo - fracture feat. j khan

Replies: 21
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RE: camo - fracture feat. j khan 25-03-2006 09:10 Forum: Tunes

Love that intro, very original, dige is sweet... love the main drum in intro.

Track is very energetic, you have obviously put a fair bit of work into it.

Some good quality samples used in this + good choices

First drop is cool.

Really enjoying this on the third listen, even thou its not my style of
track, havn't herd much of this style...

good shit, the only thing it might need is a powerful sub bass.
Thread: TuffDread - RhodesAhead

Replies: 24
Views: 9,167
RE: TuffDread - RhodesAhead 25-03-2006 01:49 Forum: Tunes

hey, likin this track, especially towards the end at about 3.20 track really
starts to flow here. then it ends??? I would layer some more hats on,
especally at 3.20...

first bass def needs more beef!!! you might wanna try a diff one...

at 1.23 the ambient synth drops out for a bit, not sure about this.
You could put a sample here. gets a bit hollow.

Love the vocal sample and the dark noise in the background, fukn sic.

Second bass is cool, with a bit of a tweek, will be awesome.

this track is smooooth! keep at it....
Thread: Clip of latest track.

Replies: 42
Views: 9,747
RE: Clip of latest track. 23-03-2006 09:20 Forum: Tunes

This track is funky bro, vocal samples are trippy, I would reverse em and add that in too.
will sound sic when you drop in a fat bass and speed things upabit later in the track(make it more drivin). This is a nice intro into something hard.

kik will need beefing up abit.

you got computer probs too hey, fuckin sucks don't it. Stutterin pc...

good shit man, keep workin on this, i like it
Thread: Hypoxic - Tranquilizer (updated version)

Replies: 10
Views: 3,545
22-03-2006 21:22 Forum: Tunes

Cheers man, likin your comments, some good advice here.
had my head in the sand too latley,
havn't had time to even download any tracks.
glad you liked it, hope i get my computer at home workin again soon so
i can start makin more tunes.
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