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Thread: Age Break - Street Lights (wip)
Age Break

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01-09-2011 15:38 Forum: Tunes

Originally posted by BattleDrone
Gets a bit repetitive as it is now.
Maybe use a different lead (just a suggestion: distort it and play longer notes) for some chorus effect.
The instruments you picked all sound on the safe side, there's no risk/tension involved.
Overall you produced a great piece of tune, but it just doesn't "bite"... hope that makes sense to you.
Technical side is A OK.

yeah i know what you meanSmile this is just what came out of a "inspiration punch" so to call.

but ill try that thing with the lead, thanks for the review Big Grin
Thread: Where to start,please help (starter guide)
Age Break

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RE: Where to start,please help 01-09-2011 00:28 Forum: Production questions & answers

just keep trying out stuff!
and believe me, if u dont have inspiration, i suggest u fill up your idea tank before starting to make melodies.
vocals + drums usually get the inspiration flowing for me.
and you could try and get diffrent synths playing with eachother.
what i tend to do alot, is make way 2 complicated melodies.
alot of times a few notes + another melodie / bassline / pad does the magic for those notes.

good luck, and take the breaks and listen to other tunes (and genres)!
Thread: Age Break - Street Lights (wip)
Age Break

Replies: 7
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Age Break - Street Lights (wip) 01-09-2011 00:19 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Street Lights (wip)' and post your comments here!

hey guysSmile
I gave Drum & Bass a shot again, see what happend.
came up with this mellow-ish tune.
really made me think about looking at the lights I saw at night in the car when I was little.

its really in the early steps of production, working towards the main breakdown atm.

Thread: Age Break - Ruff Symphony (dubstep)
Age Break

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29-07-2011 16:50 Forum: Tunes

always had problems with compression, can only seem to find partial good tutorials on it + this is a rough mix

thanks for feedbackSmile
Thread: recon47 - Brutus
Age Break

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29-07-2011 15:26 Forum: Tunes

loveing the tension build.
some vocals would do great on this, the dark kind that is. maybe even a choir for some pieces? (towards the drop for example)
bass sounds awesome, just need to raise that volume a lil, really on the background atm.
great intro btw, jalous of it Tongue

hope to hear the finished version of this soonSmile
Thread: Age Break - Ruff Symphony (dubstep)
Age Break

Replies: 6
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Age Break - Ruff Symphony (dubstep) 29-07-2011 15:11 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Ruff Symphony (dubstep)' and post your comments here!

Hey guys, been a while since I uploaded something on here.
been working on this track for a week now, and wanted to hear some feedback / advice.

not sure about the name either, any suggestions?

hope you enjoySmile
Thread: Neuro Tearing Bass
Age Break

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RE: Neuro Tearing Bass 27-07-2011 05:53 Forum: Production questions & answers

i dont make neuro basses, but i do make dubstep basses.
i use sytrus for this (yes fl)
what i do is find some nice waves (usually square and 2 saws detuned for a starter)
run em true a low pass filter, automate them into straight forward wobbles.
after this add fx, and tweak it untill u like it.
after this u can start automating the shit out of it.
remove the straight forward wobble thingy (as this is sucky) and mess around with ur filter,
also resonance is ur friend for filthy basses, but dont overdo this, as it will sound like high pitched farts, and nobody likes high pitches farts as bass...
also eq'ing and compressing can do alot.
and if u wanna do like noisia: resample

just mess around with it, and youtube things or google.

good luck
Thread: Acapellas
Age Break

Replies: 7
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27-07-2011 05:46 Forum: Production questions & answers

try and mess around with what u already have, or if u use fl studio, try and see if u can make some stuff with accapella's from the demo's.
if u really cant find stuff, u can always rip from youtube, mind you this is bad quality sometimes.

good luck
Thread: mattyb - Runnin' Demo
Age Break

Replies: 10
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27-07-2011 05:42 Forum: Tunes

like what u did with the drums in the beginning.
the piano could use some more umpf to it imo.
nice buildup towards drop.
love the sample u got running under there, really keep it flowing.
maybe to try a counter melodie, when that synth kicks in that plays along.
like the pitch down part, great job on that.
ecited to hear the end result of thisSmile
good job
Thread: Dethworm - Prime X
Age Break

Replies: 7
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27-07-2011 05:35 Forum: Tunes

spooky intro, nice build up
killer bass, made me smileSmile
reminds me of a tune i heard earlier (no clue which 1, its 5 am in the morning so.. )
liking the drums there.
gotta love that guitar part 0.0
good job, made me a happy man
Thread: dLO - Mj - Lady Of My Life (dannylo Bootleg)
Age Break

Replies: 11
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27-07-2011 05:31 Forum: Tunes

intro gets my intresst
normally i dont like phasing that much, but it seems fitting here, cept for the vocal part.
the vocals are a lil too loud for my liking.
love the bass, always had a weakness for those sort of basses.
drums are perfect for the vibe.
could really sit back close my eyes and relax to this 1
good jobSmile
Thread: Are sounds DAW-specific?
Age Break

Replies: 13
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RE: Are sounds DAW-specific? 09-05-2011 09:17 Forum: Production questions & answers

nope not at all, unless u use all the stock samples in fl Smile
enjoy production and welcome to wonders of it!
Thread: krimmie2 - This Way (remix)
Age Break

Replies: 13
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29-04-2011 07:12 Forum: Tunes

intro sounds lovely (sounds very much like the piano from seba painted skies(i got those samples so your friend has used those i guess))
maybe give the vocals in the intro a tad less volume.
the drop could use some work,i like the bassline has a flowing feel to it

overal enjoyed listening to it, doing this in the morning, so i might edit this all later on lol
Thread: krimmie2 - This Way (remix)
Age Break

Replies: 13
Views: 5,807
29-04-2011 07:05 Forum: Tunes

Originally posted by timmehhurts
does this sample Seba - Painted Sky, coz im pretty sure you cant do that with remix stems, normally theyre exclusive to that remix comp.

on the site where u can download those it said: u can use these stems for what ever you like, but you have to give credit to seba for the samples.
Thread: Midi Files
Age Break

Replies: 2
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RE: Midi Files 28-04-2011 09:10 Forum: Production questions & answers

ive used midi files for my own fun before, as i wanted to make a funny remix of mario etc.
never did something serious with them tho.
but i guess its pretty handy, but i mostly use samples for remixes.
Thread: Age Break - Awakening (dubstep)
Age Break

Replies: 11
Views: 4,793
26-04-2011 21:17 Forum: Tunes

thanks dubrain, ill try thatBig Grin
Thread: Age Break - Awakening (dubstep)
Age Break

Replies: 11
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25-04-2011 20:22 Forum: Tunes

Originally posted by Impact
hey age break
typing as i listen.

Love your opening! Lovely width and depth..
Beat is SOLID.
softer sythn is WIDE but good
Mid synth is cool too.
Like your kick drum!

WICKED DROP! That would have all the dubstep kids at my local club screwing and skankin!

Main growly synth is very nice.. great polyphony.
Bass is spot on Smile

Yeah man!! Really good stuff!!

yeah that reply made my day! Big Grin
Thread: 808 bass notes clashing?
Age Break

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RE: 808 bass notes clashing? 25-04-2011 18:09 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

if u use 808's as a bass: open up the sample in edison, click on the button that looks a lil like this ( |abc ) and select detect pitch regions
make sure to make the note that comes out of this "search" is your root note.
( u can do this by opening up your sample, click on misc, and right click on a note on the keyboard (this will make that note the "root note" ))
this usually works with drum samples when wanting to make melodies with them.

also check if ur 808's arent clipping
u can get rid of clipping by turning down the volume a bit, or lowering certain freq's that are acctually clipping
(u can make sure ur songs never clip when using the soft clipper on master channel but watch out with this)

oh and also try not 2 use many 808's after a each other, max 2 when a new bar hits untill the first snare in a bar.
also try using 808's with a shorter tail, and use a long 1 in the beggining of the bar for example.

hope this helps out a bit, otherwise tell, and ill try again
Thread: Age Break - Awakening (dubstep)
Age Break

Replies: 11
Views: 4,793
25-04-2011 13:59 Forum: Tunes

thanks for the comments guysBig Grin
Thread: Age Break - Awakening (dubstep)
Age Break

Replies: 11
Views: 4,793
23-04-2011 16:04 Forum: Tunes

thanks mate! ill try thatSmile
always nice to have datsik and excision mentioned!
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