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Thread: New album from Elisa do Brasil – “Rolling the Dice” out now on X-Ray Production!

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New album from Elisa do Brasil – “Rolling the Dice” out now on X-Ray Production! 29-04-2013 14:25 Forum: Nu choons

After more than two years of hiatus, the second album of the diva of drum’n bass, « Rolling
the Dice » has finally arrived. 15 years after her debut, Elisa Do Brasil still remains one of the
major figures of the French electronic scene.

In this new, just as eclectic opus, Elisa continues to explore the various musical currents
running through Bass music. From drum’n’bass to dubstep via electro, Elisa Do Brasil shows
her open-mindedness and a real diversity that will undoubtedly delight her fans.

We find, of course, in tracks such as “Follow It” and “Infatuation” drum’n’bass in its
purest form, as well as powerful and melodic dubstep in records like “Never Give Up” and

Elisa isn’t afraid to explore diverse musical territories in “Rolling the Dice” through
collaborations with different artists, but her rap influences still come through strongly in
tracks such as “Long Road” with the bicultural MC Youthstar. Pay attention to “My Place”
as well, where the very talented and world-renowned French producer Dilemn makes his
presence heard. Naturally the singer Miss Trouble is also to be found on many of Elisa’s
tracks, having accompanied her on stage for three years now. This duo of the two renowned
artists is just as astonishing live, where they form an explosive show powered by their


Buy “Rolling the Dice” on iTunes now:

Elisa’s website:

On YouTube:

X-Ray Production:
Showing posts 1 to 1 of 1 results

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