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Thread: Rhumble's old school hardcore madness

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Rhumble's old school hardcore madness 30-12-2007 17:41 Forum: DJ Mixes

2007 is at it's end and Rhumble decided to finish it off with a nice set of hardcore breakbeats, happy hardcore and old school darkcore stuff.
Surely, Rhumble needs no introduction to any Belgian dnb, jungle or breakcore lover, as this lucha libre heavyweight manages to combine technical with rude mixing in any of these substyles, showing a huge knowledge of and passion for music.
So here it is, the next Rhumble mix to download, throw onto your mp3 player and get carried away with, because before entering the future it's time to look back at the past another time.
Mashup Business wishes you all a merry christmess and a happy hardcore!!

The House Crew : Keep The Fire Burning (Production House 29)
N-Joi : Malfunction (RCA)
Messiah : There Is No Law (New York Stylee) (Kickin Records 10)
Cubic 22 : Night In Motion (Big Time International 04)
DJ Edge : Compnded (Edge Records 01)
Top Buzz : Livin' In Darkness (Basement Records 19)
Nookie : Shining In Da Darkness (Reinforced Records 39)
DJ Krome & Mr Time : The Slammer (Suburban Base Records 26)
The House Crew : We Are Hardcore (Magic-Fantasy Mix) (Production House 35R)
Cloud 9 : You Got Me Burnin' (Original Mix) (Moving Shadow 27)
The Criminal Minds vs. D.O.T. : Dub (Labello Blanco Recordings 33)
D'Cruze : Want You Now (DJ SS & E.Q. Remix) (Suburban Base Records 25R)
Chaos & Julia Set : Fear The Future (Recoil Records 02)
Bizzy B : Ecstacy Is A Science (White House Records 16)
DJ Ham : Green Eggs And... (Krome & Time Remix) (Kniteforce Records 21R)
DJ Seduction : Disco Hardcore (Impact 40)
DJ Vibes & Wishdokta : Motorway Madness (Rogue Trooper 17)
Midas : Groove Control (Hectic 11)
Elation : Untitled (Die Hard Recordings 03)
Knight Phantom : Worldwide Terror (Rising High Records 4Cool
Jumping Jack Frost : Osmosis (DJ Ratty Remix) (Formation Records 42)
DJ Pooch : Untitled (Lucky Spin Recordings, Pure White 012)
Grooverider : Sinister (The Influence Remix) (Reinforced Records 252)

get it at mashupbusiness
Thread: 02/02/2008 A JUNGLE SUPREME, RANDALL, BREAKAGE, EXTREME,.. @ minus one Gent

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08-12-2007 18:27 Forum: Party headz

nice one dudes, i realy hope i can make it
Thread: Mashup Business @ BSG 22/07 w/ General Malice

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22-09-2007 19:49 Forum: Party headz

hey Baz,
i hope i'm not too late for you to explain how to get there?
the party is located in BSG, a location owned by the VUB/ULB college of Brussels.
for you it's the best to get there by taking the train to Brussels,
and from then on you got 3 options.
1 is getting off at Midi/Zuid, your first stop in Brussels, and then take the tram, i'm not sure which one though.
2 is get off at Central station, the second stop, and take the metro to Herman-Debroux. get off either at Pétillon, Hankar or Delta. you best pick Delta, when you get out of the station you go to your right, in opposite direction coming out of the station.
you'll see a Firemen station at the other side of the road, go to your right, and follow the street untill you see a panel with VUB/ULB on it and a big 6
it's that small road, you'll see it almost immediatly.
3 is get off at North station, and take a train to (i think?) Otignies-Louvain-La-Neuve.
you have to get off at Etterbeek station, but check which trains stop there first because i'm not sure about them during the evening, normally it's the train at half past each hour.

if you know Mèche maybe hook up with him to get there, he's going by public transport aswell leaving in Ghent at 21:00 pm

see you tonight!!

(if you feel more secure this way i can always pm you my phone number in case you're not sure if you're taking the right way?)
Thread: My college class...

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22-09-2007 01:29 Forum: Offtopic banter

my best friend's class has only 1 guy except for him.
they declared him demotivating after only a few days because he uses "boring" after each phrase.

anyone elses phrase that is Tongue
Thread: Mashup Business @ BSG 22/07 w/ General Malice

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21-09-2007 20:32 Forum: Party headz


23.00 - Rhumble b2b Assassimon
00.30 - Méche
01.30 - Riot b2b Mz Revolution
02.30 - General Malice
04.00 - Respawn
05.00 - Alowa

Thread: Mashup Business @ BSG 22/07 w/ General Malice

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21-09-2007 20:15 Forum: Party headz

check fm brussel between 20:00 and 22:00 for Chantal Desmedt's show for a small Respawn interview.
Thread: What have you dreamed of tonight ?

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21-09-2007 10:16 Forum: Offtopic banter

stuff i wish i didn't remember
Thread: <<<<Dubstep Soundz>>>>

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21-09-2007 10:15 Forum: Dubstep

I try to understand it

that might be the problem.
a lot of people take the effort to like dubstep, but if you don't, you don't.
i think it has got mainly something to do with the fact that it's trendy, if it's wouldn't be so known to be a hype right now people would care less, now a lot of people are making an effort "because it's a cool thing".
but taste differs and if you don't like it from the first time i think that says enough
Thread: Mashup Business @ BSG 22/07 w/ General Malice

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Mashup Business @ BSG 22/07 w/ General Malice 18-09-2007 20:47 Forum: Party headz


Mashup Business & Project Mars prest:

GENERAL MALICE [usa] big cat rec.& more
The junglist soldier from L.A., the master of the amen seen on Big cat rec.
is coming ....!!


If you've never heard of General Malice, then get ready to feel music warfare and be part of the next sound to burst out of the underground. General Malice has had a dream of innovating the mixture of breakbeats, hip hop and a little bit of drum and bass to a point that no one has touched before. As a significant figure on the notorious Big Cat Records in Japan and a rising star on Nitrous Oxide Entertainment in the United States, Malice has always stayed true to his experimental sound, mashing up hip-hop, amen-ridden jungle, reggae and metal within a single track while turning bass-craving junglists into "rabid monsters of the pit."

22-09-07 @ BSG (tbc)
Campus VUB BXL

Line up:

GENERAL MALICE [usa] http://www.myspace.com/generalmalice
RIOT (dedkob) [be] www.myspace.com/riot_junglism
Meche (project Mars) [be] http://www.myspace.com/djmeche
Rhumble (Mashup business) [be] http://www.myspace.com/mashupbusiness
Alowa (Mashup business) [be] http://www.myspace.com/mashupbusiness
Respawn (Mashup business) [be] http://www.myspace.com/mashupbusiness
Assassimon (Mashup business) [be] http://www.myspace.com/mashupbusiness

see you then!!

MASHUP BUSINESS WEBSITE- news - mixes - radio archives


Thread: Sat 28/04/2007 Massive Junglism @ Hoeilaart

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Sat 28/04/2007 Massive Junglism @ Hoeilaart 14-04-2007 15:14 Forum: Party headz

In December last year i announced Massive Junglism to be dead after a crew split-up.
Every crew member was heading in a different direction music-wise and therefor we hadn't done any more parties for a while.
Now, four months later, it doesn't feel right, and i decided to do a small night again, on my own, with Sarge remaining resident dj, doing a dubstep set for this night.
but there's more to this, i have joined Mashup Business and for this occasion 2 of 3 other members come to show what mashup junglism is all about.
The entrance is free, drinks are cheap, and we serve you drums and bass ranging from dubstep to jungle.
I hope to see some people inside (or outside), because Massive Junglism isn't over yet!!
Thread: Samedi 03 MARS 2007 Une Aventure Xtra-musicale # 2

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RE: Samedi 03 MARS 2007 Une Aventure Xtra-musicale # 2 19-02-2007 16:32 Forum: Party headz

i think one post will be just fine?
Thread: Jungle vs Booty Jungle difference

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19-02-2007 16:19 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive

oh so like dj nasty and stuff using breakbeats in their productions?
i didn't know it was called booty jungle, to me all booty/ghetto comes down to good music that has less rules than dnb,
and therefor more interesting.
check dj nasty's mixes from dj guy's, that diversity should be found withing dnb nowadays
Thread: Jungle vs Booty Jungle difference

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19-02-2007 13:13 Forum: Drum-n-bass massive

never heard of booty jungle?
Thread: dj Leftoverz - Mashup Bizness

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dj Leftoverz - Mashup Bizness 19-02-2007 13:12 Forum: DJ Mixes

Born Gareth O'Neill, DJ Leftoverz discovered a love of dance music after going to the last Gathering of the millenium in Takaka and is now living in Wellington New Zealand.

After years of experimentation DJ Leftoverz got hooked on the sound of cut up drum breaks and after first attempting to DJ D'n'B and Hip Hop he finally settled on the sound of Jungle. He tries to concentrate on pushing the sound forward and lifting the vibe, whether it be nuskool mashup business, or oldskool amen 'Bukem' style mixes. DJ Leftoverz style is always evolving and with an ever increasing catalog of fine jungle records, his mixes are sure to impress.

We Asked him to describe the two words "Mashup Business" with a mix, this is his answer:

Remarc - Sound Murderer (White House)
Terry T ft. Demolition Man & Frisky Dan - Latest Craze (SOUR)
Lemon D - Manhattan Melody (Hard Leaders)
DJ Nut Nut - Bloodclart Hour (Hard Step)
Shy Fx ft. Gunsmoke - Gangsta Kid (SOUR)
Red Light - Selekta (Red Light)
XTC - The Way (Conqueror)
(Rush Puppy - Silencer (Drum & Bass Mix)(Firm Handed))
Chris Jay - Champion Sound (Devious D Remix) (Dubwise)
M.T.S. - Baad Boy Sound (Juice)
DJ Ash & Vern - Squeeze (Tearin)
Harmony & Xtreme - DAT001 (Deep Jungle)
Urban Dread - Top Priority (Ruff n Tuff)
Ed Rush - The Force Is Electric (No U Turn)
Studio 2 - Entertainment (Redskin)
The Dream Team - Stamina (Suburban Base)
Conquering Lion - Word, Sound & Power (Mango)
Shabba Ranks - Lets Get It On (Shy FX Mix 1) (White Label)
DJ Rap - Digable Bass (Heaven Mix) (Proper Talent)
Jay Parkes & Tone E.G. - Sound Boy (Remix) (Pin High)
Lemon D - I Can't Stop (V)
Dillinger - Tear Down (Da Whole Place) (Conqueror)
Flatliner - The Big Bang (Remix) (Ram)
Mykal Rose - Ouncey Boy (Jungle Mix) (Record Factory)

download the set at www.mashupbusiness.be
Thread: dj bristol("soft" dnb)

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05-01-2007 00:29 Forum: DJ Mixes

if anyone is interested in hearing this i can upload again
liquid set
Thread: my way of expression

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02-01-2007 15:20 Forum: Offtopic banter

lately drawing doesn't help to feel better, so in the last weeks it's been, drinking, walking, just sitting somewhere and watch the world move
and offcourse mixing, not to express, but to concentrate on other things
Thread: some of my drawnings

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02-01-2007 02:24 Forum: Offtopic banter

the last two ones yes,
came to protect some vinyl i got send in the mail, might aswell use it Smile
that'll be the first of my stuff to give away, to the girl that is actually drawn Pleased
Thread: some of my drawnings

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02-01-2007 01:47 Forum: Offtopic banter

pretty different when it comes to atmosphere and it's not kartoonesk or anythig near it, but i wanted to share this one aswell.
any opinions?
it's not finished though
Thread: Girls and what to do with em

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RE: Girls and what to do with em 24-12-2006 14:21 Forum: Offtopic banter

Thread: what r u listening to right now?

Replies: 3,077
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18-12-2006 18:46 Forum: Offtopic banter

fusion - love for the world
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