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Thread: Hardware to software

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RE: Hardware to software 12-09-2010 01:26 Forum: Hardware

well it depends what you're sending to your PC.

audio? MIDI? emails?

if you just want to record audio(sound): a simple (preferably short) audio cable you connect from the record output of your mixer to the line-in of your soundcard

if you want to do some (audio) processing/production I advice an audio-card/interface

if you plan to use (digital) instruments or devices that explicitly use MIDI, you should buy a MIDI-inerface

you can also buy All-In-One audio-MIDI interfaces

read a bit about audio & MIDI, I guess that will be most of value to you Wink
Thread: Good Hard Drive?

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RE: Good Hard Drive? 12-09-2010 00:50 Forum: Hardware

ever considered a RAID (stripe) setup?

then you can buy for exaplme 4 HDs of 250GB and assemble them to a (very fast) ultimate HD of1TB, only catch is if one of them dies, all is lost. So backup etc blabla uknow, (maybe an extra mirror-RAID?) if this is like Chinese to you me too lazy, google it

but very high performance && very cheap! Big Grin
(and you'll need a bit of "PC-fu"...)

You need a RAID-controller off course (hardzare) and your OS has to support it, but I think OSx won't be a problem, but I can't confirm.

their also exist 'SSD's (solid State Disk) like a HD, but No magnetic spinning disks anymore, just ultra-fast flash mem and ultra-expensive.

I dont think there is a company that makes optimized HD's for audio-production.
but I could be wrong off course.. Confused ..

I advice RAID, I use it and it's very, very fast! I use a HD for my OS, a HD for my apps and this RAID-setup for my projects.

edit: with this RAID, I feel like my Cubase Projects load double as fast the least, and other 'samplers' (eg:NI akoustik piano with <huge> kits) load comfortably fast(in comparison to the same sytem with 1 HD). excuse me english, i'm to lazy to press backspace
Thread: Monitors... which ones?

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25-08-2010 13:58 Forum: Hardware

imo you don't need exotic pricey monitors if you don't know why. You' ll omly benefit from them if you know why you need them.

I suggest a pair of very "common bedroom-monitors" (if your studio is of this type off course) € 150-250 or so and a pair of "normal" hi-fi speakers, so you can compare. I don't name companies on purpose, because IMO, this subject is a bit too 'subjective' :p (unless we're talking about pure physical props: size, power, looks, interface, etc...)

Once you know your monitors very, very good and you get the feeling that you are unable to monitor the sound YOU need while producing, then I'd consider first trying another brand of the same price class, then when still not satisfied, going to a higher price class. I can go to the grocery on my skateboard, and I can also go with a Porsche. Your context will decide what' s best: don't get the impression driving the Porsche WILL be more appropriate: your driving skills, your style, your likes, and other stuff i'm too lazy to think of... will point to the most efficient 'tool', not teh price nor company that produces the vehicle.

Start cheap and only upgrade when you need it, so you can use your $$$'s on other studio-material. I would personally prefer a complete and relative good sounding 'novice' studio to a crappy laptop hooked up to some very bad calibrated expensive monitors for example...

The better you know your tools, the lesser you need, and if you are very good with your basic setup, then start thinking of something more 'profound' if you feel something in your current setup is limiting you. And once you know the sound you don't want, it's easier to choose...

Building a studio with this trial & error method may sound 'expensive', but on the other hand you'll be sure that you'll have the perfect studio at the end.

Nobody can tell you what you are going to prefer. It's mostly a matter of experimenting yourself. To add 1 last metaphore: it's a bit like buying good glasses.

IMHO Teeth
Thread: finding the key

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RE: finding the key 24-08-2010 16:24 Forum: Production questions & answers

1. llet the sample loop in your sequencer

2. iterate though the (chromatic) scale on your keyboard(a piano or something), mixed with the loop

3. 9/10 you'll find a match(es)

4. if not:
Set another scale OR tune the chromatic scale a bit (==cheating?? Smile )
goto step 2

this is more fun than relying on other programs and gives you a wider range in solutions.
Thread: How to reproduce this sample

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11-08-2010 14:23 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

n maybee a tad of samplerate-reduction/bit -reduction

sounds very degraded to me ears (12 bit or sumtin?) if you mean that reese of course...

edit: and lots of distortion on mids also
Thread: 1and0 - No Title Yet

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RE: 1and0 - No Title Yet 10-09-2009 11:00 Forum: Tunes

Put som more energy(stomp;distortion;madness,clipping) in everything, it sounds too fluffy atm.

Krank up the drums n de bass, cause it almost sounds gameboy

EQ is not bad, but too much & too dry

Structure is not bad, but could be better.

If I were you, I'd bounce the nice parts and krank them up (a crispy dist+EQ) (n maybe some extra layers here n there...) and 're-assemble' everything. (think of how your reese would sound processed after some extra filtered distortion... Wink well, like that & same for the beats)

and put a bit more 'wet' in it: reverbs, pads, strings, sustaining dynamics, cuz the mix/dynamics sounds also too dry/harsh (use send effects for example, nice 'trick' to add/control your 'wet'...)


/e: was reading my post again, and i must add this;

the snare(maybe the whole beat); process it : distortion, EQ,compression it would be nice to hear; a real "Whootash-snare-hat" with nice dynamics & fat sound (u can do it with that 808 snare, just layer&process till u got it!)
Thread: help with nuendo 3

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RE: help with nuendo 3 09-09-2009 10:53 Forum: Cubase

I think it's explained quite obvious in the manual:


page 354

Thread: Picking a main DAW

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RE: Picking a main DAW 09-09-2009 10:36 Forum: Software

The one I know best so far is FL Studio.

I don't like escargots

idd, most of the time, u prefer what u 'know'...

imo the more different flavors you've tried, the better you can decide...
Thread: Free Midi Files/ Sheet Music?

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RE: Free Midi Files/ Sheet Music? 01-09-2009 21:18 Forum: Offtopic banter

When i look for sheet music I usually do this in google:

<Artist> filetype:pdf

Thread: Word Game

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01-09-2009 11:57 Forum: Offtopic banter

The hair on my ass
Thread: Word Game

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31-08-2009 19:17 Forum: Offtopic banter

not me Happy

Thread: The perfect Kick?

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27-08-2009 11:54 Forum: Production questions & answers

Quite a lot of DnB artists use Roland TR-909 or 808 style kicks as a basis for a kick sound, they pack plenty of low end, but often need plenty of work to get them sounding unique.

veryn nice tip,

I personally almost always use these drumkits in combination(layering+processing) with other drumkits.

particularly 808 kick = always phat / can't go wrong Wink and very nice to "play" with; perfect sound IMO
Give it some distortion, EQ it a bit and...(basic dnb stuff...) ,experiment man.

1 other thing i sometimes do is to create a bassdrum with a synth. This is very convenient for surgically tweaking your kick when mixing. Once u got a good mix, bounce it and process further if needed...(or don't) Tongue

Also 1 thing: when layering, ensure dynamics are corresponding; so you don't get a muffled doubled/tripled/wotever attack in your kick or other annoyances...
And it's not the kick sound alone which is important, it's how it sounds in your mix. But make sure it still stands out when solo'ing the kick.

1 more tip: don't crank up (to much)

Most of the time, the easiest is the raw dynamics+essential harmonics of yer sound. Keep the rest of the sound minimized enough to still sound outstanding in the mix. (my holy grail is DISTORTION+EQ+some secret stuff Big Grin )
So your kick sounds "Doo", even on very low relative volume, (and even when high-passed; this ensures you got the right harmonics) and almost doesn't interfere with anything. (off course, if the other elements are decent mixed and don't take to much bassdrum-'space' Smile )(sometimes it sounds cool when higher frequencies clip a bit on the drums (tip-tip-tip!!! Wink )

1 last Doped :

Let the kick dynamically evolve in terms of the dynamics of your tune; this gives a real drummer/analog feeling. Like: Layer it once with a hat, then a tom, then a cymbal, then... (in terms of structure)

Working with layered processed drums is very nice, but before you can do this you need a very good basic sound. In fact, it should sound perfect, so when you start processing (your break*S*; not just 1 bar, cause exactly the 'evolving' gives you nice dynamics (and more workspace)...) u can fully focus on structure/finalizing/fx/...

I bounce my drums/bass in one of teh last stages of the pre-production, and I benefit very well from it... Smile

1 to remember: (but not really relevant to your questionSmile

Apply syncopation, this technique is a bless for all dnb/jungle/breaks, and all mainly rhythm based music.


Creating sound is HARD if u have no experience (and sometimes also when u do..). So don't panic Wink

Learning curve is very steep. Musical talent is also 'advisable'. I learned practically everything by playing instruments, mixing, 'producing' and of course LISTENING. (i'm talking about 10 years)
The more you train your ears/brain/musical thinking, and learn to understand waveforms/sound/music in general, the easier it's gonna get. (with the relevant corresponding technologies off course)
Thread: Torrent Port Help

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RE: Torrent Port Help 26-08-2009 22:52 Forum: Offtopic banter

...also ensure TCP port 2869 and UDP port 1900 on your local firewall are allowed.

Should fix it. (for non-working UPnP)
Thread: Torrent Port Help

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RE: Torrent Port Help 26-08-2009 11:37 Forum: Offtopic banter

Behind a router?

*forward necessary tcp ports OR enable UPnP if applicable(on router/gateway).

When using UPnP, u don't need to forward the ports, everything is (*technically *seems* in fact...) open above TCP 1024.

when not using UPnP, u should forward 'em, cuz everything above 1024 is closed

if you set the client to use a port under TCP 1024, u should also forward(independent of the UPNP setting on yer gatew)


(also don't forget to add a rule in your local firewall. (allow-TCP -forw.port)

Or easier: browse for the client executable and add it to your fw exception list)
Thread: Word Game

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14-08-2009 23:04 Forum: Offtopic banter

spankin' :p
Thread: Word Game

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13-08-2009 12:07 Forum: Offtopic banter

Thread: Word Game

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07-08-2009 23:13 Forum: Offtopic banter

Thread: Word Game

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06-08-2009 11:51 Forum: Offtopic banter

Thread: mastering suite

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RE: mastering suite 04-08-2009 10:06 Forum: Reason

I try to do the mastering when producing the tune (as much as possible; mainly EQ&band distortion to "push" the good harmonics into the right places(in fact cut the bad ones, but u get the point i guess...)). I don't wait with it till my tune is "finished" (to avoid surprises like u describe).
Thread: Word Game

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03-08-2009 11:36 Forum: Offtopic banter

say "AAAA..."
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