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Thread: How to get your kicks right

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never an 808 05-10-2006 00:51 Forum: Production questions & answers

I would never use an 808 kick. I have used an 808 w/ a long release w/ some distortion as a bassline though. You need a more punchy kick for DnB. The kick has to cut through the Bass in the mix. In Trance, House, or Rock music, it isn't as crucial, because you dont have the Bassline like you do in DnB. I you use a bass heavy kick, it will muddy up your bottom end w/ your bassline. It's more important to have a strong attack on the kick. Do not boost the bass on the kick. This frequency is already used up in the basslines. It's more of a matter of finding the right accoustic kick and getting the levels correct. The best way to do this is to set your program to loop a small section, perhaps a bar or two. Now solo your bassline and just your kick. Mess with the levels till the kick and bass sound almost like one instrument. Now, mess w/ the release of the kick sound to get it sounding punchy. You dont want it to ring out too much. A good sample shouldnt need too much eq. Basic rule or thumb for any sound is, "crap going in, crap going out". You shouldn't have to change it too much, cuz eq should be used to enhance a good sound, not to make gold outta crap. Also, sidechaining a compressor to your bassline helps. Do do this, add a compressor to your bassline. Now, take the sidechain "in" and connect it to your kick drum. Now, turn the Ratio up the whole way, and turn your Release and Attack the whole way down. You can change these accordingly, but should be set pretty low. Now, everytime your kick hits, the bass line will have a "ducking" effect so that your basslines do not over shadow your kick. This gives you much more punch in your mix. If you are using a drum loop instead of a drum machine, split your channel out of the loop and try boosting the frequency that is most prevelent on your kick, to make it spike in volume when just the kick hits. Now, use this to enter into the sidechain or your compressor. You will get pretty much the same effect. You can also filter out all your highs if you want. Basically, you just want the spike of the kick to trigger the compressor. Drummer
Thread: recording your own samples

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white Noise 04-10-2006 23:54 Forum: Production questions & answers

I have made decent snare sounds in REason using the white noice option on the Subtractor. You could even use a sample of white noise and cut the Release on the ADSR
Thread: DnB bass VST instruments

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Reason 04-10-2006 23:48 Forum: Plugins

Reason is all you need man. It's the best! I know, I produce my own sounds and put together the ReasonStation Drum N Bass Refill w/ all the sounds you need to get started!!!
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