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Thread: [jungle/gabber] Mid Nineties Mods Salvage 2

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[jungle/gabber] Mid Nineties Mods Salvage 2 29-12-2014 05:34 Forum: Tunes



Thanks to my cousin Emile who cleared his attic recently, passing his old Amiga gear and disk collection down to my brother, here's a second run of my old protracker tunes.
He apparently copied a bunch of my modules back in the days, some disks too degraded to recover, but enough to compile another selection of 4 mono channels, 8-bit (w.i.p) jungle-gabber rinsers and what not!

The amiga was hooked up to a philips cdr930 mini audio cd recorder, recording the outputs straight to cd. No touch ups, no vst, just Paula chip goodness Smile .
released 01 January 1996

Mostly amen breaks & gabber kick filled modules created by me on an Amiga 500 in protracker somewhere between 1994 & 1996. Teen angst ftw!

This album features two tracks from my brother Dennis a.k.a Dj0nas(dino) & one bonus 'remix' track (basically replaced the drum channel with an amen work out Smile ) of an artist I unfortunately can't credit because of lost details.

Soundcloud examples;

Thread: [ambient/halloween] Kill The Brain

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[ambient/halloween] Kill The Brain 31-10-2014 10:42 Forum: Tunes

Made this for Tefosavs Night Of The Living Dead rescore project (http://tefosav.bandcamp.com/album/tefosa...-project-0x0007);

Enjoy your Halloween muhahahaah!
Thread: [idm/spaced out] caninsuline

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[idm/spaced out] caninsuline 15-09-2014 20:57 Forum: Tunes

Nice break from the junglisms I've doing lately, something more smooth for a change :-) ;

Thread: Typhoon - Zandloper (breakbeat-dubstep rmx)

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Typhoon - Zandloper (breakbeat-dubstep rmx) 08-08-2014 12:58 Forum: Tunes

Made a remix today for a compo held by Dutch radio 3fm;

raps in Dutch, so....

Had problems with first rappers flow, getting it right on the beat the way I wanted was impossible without chopping the vocal up, in the end I just left it this way...some of his bars also sound off in the original *lazystyle* :-)
Thread: JTPE - SSGN (rave breakbeat'ish)

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JTPE - SSGN (rave breakbeat'ish) 16-07-2014 05:00 Forum: Tunes

Just put up a batch of 90's rave breakbeat inspired tunes on bandcamp;

Example track;
Thread: hyper jungle acid

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hyper jungle acid 19-11-2013 01:11 Forum: Tunes


Made for this compilation;


You can dl the original Renoise songfile for this track here (no additional vst(i)'s needed));

Thread: wonkdified

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06-09-2013 20:46 Forum: Tunes

+ bonus conservative chippy breakbeat oldie;

Thread: wonkdified

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wonkdified 05-09-2013 00:15 Forum: Tunes

Finished this 170 bpm cheese fantasy dish a while ago, I like it enough to share;

Thread: Hip Hop / Jazz instrumentals

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Hip Hop / Jazz instrumentals 25-08-2013 02:15 Forum: Tunes

Made these a while ago as ideas for a hiphop jazz project I'm in, these beats are not going to be used so I thought I'd share. Maybe I can build some of these in something more interesting or rap on it myself? ;-)

Enjoy or not ;-) .
Thread: [jukestepidm] Plugexpert - Den Haag - Nijmegen Ep

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[jukestepidm] Plugexpert - Den Haag - Nijmegen Ep 02-07-2013 12:00 Forum: Tunes

Another ep out through Esc:rec (http://www.escrec.com/4853), chickedicheck on their bandcamp page:


Most of the material for this EP was constructed by Jonas The Plugexpert during train rides between The Hague and Nijmegen. Small sketches to kill time and clear the head after the more 'serious' composing at the Royal Conservatory. Now that he's done studying in The Hague, Jonas found the time to rework his many sketches and include some new influences in the process. A small selection of the resulting tracks found its way onto the Den Haag - Nijmegen EP.

Expect delicious freaking on the beats, heavy bass, juke grooves, some 90's rave synths, the occasional laidback vibe, excellent sampling and a whiff of old skool jungle... Enjoy!

Do also check out the self released Electra EP by Jonas The Plugexpert: plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/electra-ep. Similar to the Den Haag – Nijmegen EP, most of the tracks on that release were started during daily commuting.

released 02 July 2013
Music by Richard Jonas
Artwork by C. Schaaf, from collection ReclameArsenaal, www.reclamearsenaal.nl

Example trissle:

Thread: Too much cafeine juke

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Too much cafeine juke 19-05-2013 17:36 Forum: Tunes

there's a section in this track, which doesn't sound good over the speakers, while it sounds fine on the headphones. I'm not sure if it is my headphones, or my room resonating the particular frequencies so they sound much louder?


Thread: [80 bpm] Synthy Chillout thing

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[80 bpm] Synthy Chillout thing 13-04-2013 23:52 Forum: Tunes


started on this for the last rekkerd.org sample compo, but didn't manage the deadline + wanted to add some own samples.

Enjoy or not Smile
Thread: [acid/electronica] Upitup 10th anniversary compilation

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[acid/electronica] Upitup 10th anniversary compilation 22-03-2013 02:52 Forum: Tunes


To celebrate our 10th anniversary we've gathered tracks from the label's legendary contributors and favorite artists into an amazing compilation upfree for free download, as always.

This album goes hand-in-hand with our 10th birthday weekender party in Liverpool!

Founded ten years ago, UpItUp Records is arguably one of the most important labels to ever come out of Liverpool. One of the first places to utilise the internet to its fullest (its releases are downloadable and completely free), it’s meant UpItUp has continued to push boundaries on zero budget. And Liverpool’s all the better for it.
– Seven Streets / Radar

In a city dominated by guitar music, it’s heartening that with passion and talent, a group of electronic artist-promoters are able to not just survive, but prosper. Which is exactly what Upitup Records, founded a decade ago this month, have managed to do.
– The Double Negative

With much of the Liverpool music press lauding the beginning of a so-called "explosion" in electronica, we take a look at UpItUp Records, who have been driving the local scene forward for the last seven odd years.
– BayTV Liverpool
Thread: 2 mixes (idm, glitch, jungle, d&b)

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2 mixes (idm, glitch, jungle, d&b) 22-02-2013 05:19 Forum: Tunes



Found this back-up-'in case the computer fucks up'-disc I made for the
F.E.A.R festival in Rome 2003. Features the following tracks;

1 intro bullcrap

2 krachtwerk

3 monkey knotty remix

4 yoni remix

5 njo

6 mithrax remix

7 fahrenheit fair enough remix

8 outro bullcrap




Live/ Dj'd at a squad party in 2005 and had this pre-fabricated fav'-oldies mix as
back-up in case my set-up would mess up. Control freaks ftw! Wink

Mix of own material and some classic jungle & drum & bass.
Thread: For the last few hours left...

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22-12-2012 12:13 Forum: Tunes

The track can be found on this compilation, mastered differently:


album notes;

The End Of The World Is Nigh... well, perhaps not, but the end of the year is definitely nigh. This End of Year compilation from TEFOSAVians old and new may end up being the last ever released according to the Mayan's... So in honour of our proto-paleolithic neighbours we have created a themed musical send off.

Enjoy the last hours of 2012 with our collection of electronic musings.

For more information, see www.tefosav.com
released 18 December 2012
- Thanks to Pselodux for the ace album art.
- Thanks to the TEFOSAVians for the music.
- Thanks to Jake Almond and FuncRand(m) for curating the compilation.
Thread: For the last few hours left...

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For the last few hours left... 21-12-2012 09:14 Forum: Tunes

Thread: [breakbeat] Arbee - Jonas remix

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[breakbeat] Arbee - Jonas remix 18-12-2012 09:30 Forum: Tunes


I've made this remix for Arbee;

Get it on cd-r here together with the other remixes and original tracks:


Listen to the other remixes here:

Download Arbee's album with original tracks for free here:
Thread: A Very WATMM Christmas, 2012 by Various Artists

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A Very WATMM Christmas, 2012 by Various Artists 16-12-2012 00:05 Forum: Tunes

A board I lurk at has its yearly compilation out for Christmas, got some good tracks on it:


I'm Jubal on this.
Thread: bedroom junglist

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26-11-2012 10:00 Forum: Tunes

Thanks Smile
Thread: bedroom junglist

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bedroom junglist 25-11-2012 10:14 Forum: Tunes


I just finished this submission for the Mutant Breaks #5 compo held at the Renoise forums, check for details and other entries here: http://forum.renoise.com/index.php?/topi...utant-breaks-5/

You can dl the song file to play around with in Renoise 2.8.1 here: http://www.mediafire.com/?10sim0f9m6m1942


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