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Thread: Free party @smoutpot : Atmospherix (Renegade Hardware - Architecture - .... ) D CONVICT, WASP, ....

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Free party @smoutpot : Atmospherix (Renegade Hardware - Architecture - .... ) D CONVICT, WASP, .... 28-12-2011 19:57 Forum: Party headz

Hi headz & headettes!

The past 10 years we shared a passion for deep basslines & chopped breaks.
We felt the urge to go back in time and invite a few friends + a new booming local (for us) talent : Atmospherix.

D-Convict needs no introduction - Deep selection, masterful mixing skills
The same goes for WASP.

We chose our -good old- location : Smoutpot - Zwijndrecht - Belgium
A cozy place with a huge soundsystem. Perfect for our needs!

Come and have a blast with us old skool / gaz::mazk style. Drummer

The facebook event : Invite your friends

Some links for your ears


Hope to see some old-familiar faces and new ones Wink
Thread: 1 DEC: a gaz::mazk & de waaslandwolf collab (mixed styles)

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1 DEC: a gaz::mazk & de waaslandwolf collab (mixed styles) 18-10-2007 20:48 Forum: Party headz

Gaz::mazk & de waasland wolf are proud to present our first collab party.

A year ago 'de waaslandwolf' invited us to play at their party and we got along pretty well, the next step is now. Smoutpot café, legendary in its own way, with deep roots in ragga, jungle and more, has broaden its location called "de stal" a cozy party place with an exell on sound (150 headz inside)

Vjetcoca (Hip Hop Bigband)
Vjetcoca is a fusion between Nature Provides(BarB, Gsus & Droppa) and Spokesmen(Eltee, Powahed & Droppa). These combined forces will fonk the night by bringing you improvisation meets funk meets live hip hop! Simply RAW!

Soi ft. Boemtsjak (live Dubstep + visuals)
This guerilla of sound is the dj of the trip hop band Koala, he also produces drum ‘n bass, dubstep and more, plays countless of instruments and causes earthquakes with his tectonic basses at slow pacing but contagious drum extravaganza! Now also LIVE!

Saphir & Savvas ft. Droppa
Gaz::mazk is know for varied drum ’n bass, ranging from oldskool to dark and melodic, this time they’ll bring a fusion of funk and live elements backed up with the turntablism skills of Nature Provides & Spokesmen beatmaster Droppa. Nod your head!

Visuals are provided by Boemtsjak on huge plasma screens delivered by PUC.

(4ez is on trip around the globe, expect him back in action soon Wink )

route to smoutpot café
Thread: What's the Reason?

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03-10-2006 15:56 Forum: Reason

Originally posted by rudeone
why usin reason at all when theres no vst support?

i had no problems learnin how to work with reason O.o


why would reason be a host for vst while it's one giant vst on it's own?

how about using reason as a vst in your favo vst carrier program
think a bit further.

and you had no problem at learning how to work reason right? Smile

no dissing/joking, it's just very sad to read while the battle of the sequencers just lives on
Thread: MySpace profiles

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03-10-2006 15:46 Forum: Offtopic banter

my saphir one : http://www.myspace.com/saphirgazmazk

my idm/downtempo one

Thread: Reason 2.5 -> Nuendo

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03-10-2006 15:41 Forum: Production questions & answers

i just love it when a thread comes to silence

Thread: saphir - up your scene ep - mp3 release

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06-07-2006 10:06 Forum: Nu choons

Originally posted by BeatJunkie
congrats and biggup Saphir. It's Bleak./Bryan

boh bryan, didn't knew you were up here
Thread: saphir - up your scene ep - mp3 release

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saphir - up your scene ep - mp3 release 06-07-2006 09:54 Forum: Nu choons

quoted from dogs on acid

Darkland025 Saphir - Up Your Scene EP

Saphir – Up Your Scene EP – Darkland

Darkland Recordings is back with a vengeance, and if they continue to unleash stormers like this, they will soon be a force to be reckoned with. Saphir steps up with this 4 track concoction of grimey bass and crisp beats. The ideas don’t just stick to one sound, which is a welcome shift, given some of the “same-y” tunes other producers continue to churn out.
You have “None”, which combines a hard tech funk underlying the tune, while staying very deep and epic sounding.
“Reclipse” is almost a mash up of techno influences riding over top of some dub-centric bass.
Then you have tracks like “No Return”, which is a straight balls-to-the-wall sound clash. Rollin’ bass running red over a spastic drum track, ready to murk any dance floor it’s dropped on. To round out this EP, “Panoptic” will keep your head nodding with its infectious drum edits and subwoofer brutalizing bass. You don’t find too many chameleon producers who take to so many different styles of DnB like Belgium’s Saphir.




A. Saphir - Panoptic
B. Saphir - No Return
C. Saphir - Reclipse
D. Saphir - None


2006 Saphir

info and links:
Contact : aim: Saphir Studio


i want to thank my buddies for the endless support the last years
more specific TwEed, multics(mastered most of my tunes), my gaz mates, jimmy sinister, skitty, donny, deadly habit, jim unknown error, and heaps more

i've had such troubles last year with vinyl releases(merely the people behind the label) so this mp3 one is a good positive vibe again in my life
and thus my thanks and regards to the supporters

Thread: -The Impossible Riddle!!!-

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18-04-2006 11:22 Forum: Offtopic banter

it was 16 days idd if it wasn't trapped

sorry, i don't make up these questions
but it sure makes you ready very very carefully
Thread: -The Impossible Riddle!!!-

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18-04-2006 09:51 Forum: Offtopic banter

Originally posted by greyone
A1 impossible a coin that states 45 BC lol

A2 the thames is a river right ? Tongue , and its not 'lives' but 'dies' ...?

A1. correct, but you should know how much people don't get it Smile
A2. it certainly is "lives", that's the whole point,if he still lives he can't be burried

but you did well
most people i ask these very simple questions got it wrong.
i don't know the harder ones by heart except 1

a snail is trapped on the bottom of a pit, the pit is 20ft deep
every day the snail climbs 5 feet and falls 4 feet

in how many days does the snail reaches the edge of the pit?
Thread: -The Impossible Riddle!!!-

Replies: 67
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18-04-2006 09:38 Forum: Offtopic banter

there is no logic explanation


the > kintergarten students<
is the most confusing to me

i get similar questions all the time (following a web developers course)

they call it lateral thinking, it should help us to think in an abstract way.

for example

in 1912 they found a coin that states "45 BC"
how old is this coin?

when a man lives on the eastern borders of the thames, can he be burried at the western border?

will post the answer shortly , comon give me your best shots!
ps sorry soi to do this again Wink
Thread: saphir free 320 kbps tune on the site

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15-04-2006 14:44 Forum: Tunes

i am not after reviews, done with that Big Grin

this is an open thread where the crew offesr a free mp3

take care.
Thread: saphir free 320 kbps tune on the site

Replies: 4
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15-04-2006 06:14 Forum: Tunes

a bump is right on place with 47 hits
Thread: 08/04/2006 : The Lab : Ghent : L Double Danny C Infiltrata ...

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11-04-2006 12:11 Forum: Party headz


no overdrive during dlux's set

overall feel of the night : good

full report on breakz

big up the mentalLAB
Thread: Reason 2.5 -> Nuendo

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RE: Reason 2.5 -> Nuendo 11-04-2006 10:36 Forum: Production questions & answers

Originally posted by Surora23
Originally posted by sicko
Ez lads, might be a dumb question but does anyone know how i can "transfer" tracks that are made in reason 2.5 into Nuendo ?!

If i open the cd(where the track is on) in the nuendo programm i only get one track instead of all the different devices...

Maybe my explenation doesn't make any sense but you never know that somebody might help me out Happy

ehhh... rewire could work, but if not, render each track seperately and add midi chanels, youd have to use kontakt or something...

but @ sphire...

you realise that nuendo is the best production software on the market period... its basically a suped up version of cubase...

not ot mention its the most expensive.. the academic version is 1600$ ad the standard is 2000$

the reason why no one hears about it is cause its so expensive... and not a lot of people can work the software, but its by far teh strongest and most powerful production/recording software period...

still i find it overkill, actually i don't even agree by far

it's not the reason why you hear it so less.most producers take production serious and acutally pay for their tools (guess what)

it's cuz it's overkill, why produce in a surround system
while you can spend less cash on a tool that DOES exactly the same, without the useless features you won't even use ever.
take a good look and find the real difference with nuendo,
you'll see it's about dvd/surround/dolby things, not exactly dancefloor orientated music
other then that, speaking from experience, nuendo works the same way as cubase/sonar, worked with nuendo
when i was asked to do some sounds over an, guess what, animation movie. but i rather rely on sonar then in the future.

Nuendo 3 is one of the most flexible and technologically advanced post-production, recording and Surround systems available on the market today.

Designed with the requirements and working methods of professional musicians, composers, audio engineers and producers in mind, Steinberg's flagship Cubase SX3 converges extraordinary sound quality, intuitive handling and a vast range of functions.

remember that songs "let a woman be a woman?"

it's been discussed over & over,it's plain overkill
i don't wash my windows with a broom, i use a cloth
but i guess it's all about what you like seemingly

also period Smile

oh and it's not sphre if you read well surora23 but hey Wink
Thread: Black Sun Empire (21/4/06) and Fierce (13/5/06) in Antwerp

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11-04-2006 10:26 Forum: Party headz

Originally posted by Friscko
Originally posted by KoFFiE
Isn't that the same day as Limewax in St Niklaas?

idd, and Fierce is the same date as DJ Hidden in wommel(gem)

our dates were well presented in advance in the date section on breakz
sometimes things have to run as they come
we couldn't do it otherwise
Thread: Reason 2.5 -> Nuendo

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06-04-2006 18:13 Forum: Production questions & answers

but why would you like to work in nuendo?

it's high end
i rather would suggest an option on cubase then.

but whatever floats the boat wasn't it?

second of all, you wouldn't see any devices in whatever tool you will rewire to. you'll only see a vsti slot where the hosting program will get it's reason data from

a look at the help file might enlighten you.

always make sure you keep this order : first hosting tool, then reason
when you have rewired your reason file into the host

simple switch the routing in reason to the main output busses on top in the rack view. press tab
now in your host you should be able to get the indivual reason layers to new channels...

but here the same stor, read about rewire in the help (reason this time)

it explains fairly every question...

but i guess you want to import cd track?
at least that what i make up from your post.
If i open the cd(where the track is on) in the nuendo programm i only get one track
if so, you best convert it to a wav file then import it to an audio layer
Thread: Repetitiveness

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04-04-2006 13:49 Forum: Production questions & answers

sorry to state this but

imo loads of young producers just lack creativity

how can a tune sound repetive? did you guys heard vessel?
do you guys know where dnb is coming from?

just make sure it doesn't
i mean it's really simple guys

a) you intent to make it : style towards monotone dancefloor tracks
b) you experiment : broader gernes & athmos

have a good day Tongue
Thread: saphir free 320 kbps tune on the site

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saphir free 320 kbps tune on the site 04-04-2006 13:14 Forum: Tunes


our site has been awarded(3x) by now
yet originally we wanted to celebrate it with a free dub.

been played by some of the bignames incase it sounds familiar

give it a go

rotations > dubplates

if you play it, it's considered gentil if you drop me a line
we all like to know where our childeren are.

peace & cheers for the true supporters the past 6 years
Thread: 31.03 :: FBI : Giving street children a better future!

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04-04-2006 13:11 Forum: Party headz

it was great

pitty the fools who left out on this one
good sound, good feel, what else do you want?


u guys got my blessing
Thread: Question & answer session with Gein

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09-03-2006 12:37 Forum: Production questions & answers

i don't have much questions

just saying high Smile

just maybe one.
do you guys accept demos?
i don't go with the hype and do 10 melodies par tune
i fetch the oldskool breakz with some dark vibes

i focus on the subtle details

but heres a real question

when doing tunes, after a few years, like me 8years:
i still found it hard to give every tune THAT ID, that you've been working on for the last couple of years, your sound
and i don't mean samples...vibes or anything


how you guys approach the fact that every song should sell itself as "your id", like they say "it's a gein tune"

Wink one to think about...

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