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Thread: Seamless - Seamless Tracks - Pound

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07-01-2008 06:19 Forum: Tunes

;D you guys rock at feedback. i wouldnt have thought that way about anything unless someone told me about it ;]

thanks! ill consider and conform! only not really "conform" so much as "work on it and make it cool". i just wantted to use a C word ;p
Thread: Seamless - Seamless Tracks - Pound

Replies: 5
Views: 2,723
Seamless - Seamless Tracks - Pound 31-12-2007 07:23 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Seamless Tracks - Pound' and post your comments here!!!

This was an experimentation of mine into the weirdness incorporated with DnB in general. Once again ya'll clearly make out the Halph Price beats I sliced in there ;]

enjoy ;D
Thread: Glimmer - Bullet Dodger

Replies: 23
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24-12-2007 22:28 Forum: Tunes

That's some cool bass right there. Tight and original. The drums coulda been louder but the level it's at now seems to be the industry standard so maybe im the only one ever that likes it louder ;p

Dig the stereo separation around 2:20

Thread: Seamless - Seamless Tracks - Known Path

Replies: 8
Views: 3,367
23-12-2007 19:01 Forum: Tunes

Thanks for the feedback ;D

I noticed the transition (or lack thereof) into the extra section needs work but i hadnt yet figured out a way to do that. I'll likely be focusing on that until i do ;D

Stereo is a weakness of mine ;p. I mix everything on my Sennheisers so stuff just sounds more awesome when it's all over me. Then i go listen to it in my car and I'm all "wtf is happening"

Again: Thanks for the feedback! I'll take all into consideration and hopefully fix stuff up.
Thread: GeeZZ - SPan-DAn

Replies: 6
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23-12-2007 18:53 Forum: Tunes

This weirded me out some. It has the feeling of a rap almost...especially later on with that organ thing popping in. and when you went into half time.

The brass thing as the bass was sorta weird but oddly worked out, i guess.

Thhe fx over all i feel made the whole thing a little confusing. at least for me ;]

it all sounds very deliberate and that you did everything you wanted to. the mix is well done and nothing is distorting other stuff in the spectrum.

so, gj overall ;D
Thread: Binary Havoc - Subgenius

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23-12-2007 18:49 Forum: Tunes

Could'a sworn i already left a thingy on this. oh well! deserves reposting ;]

I dont know anything about Nuendo or Reason to be all like "wow what you did was crazy cool cause it's Nuendo or Reason". So you'll have to rely on everyone else for that stuff ;p

around 2:40 when that sound starts is pretty slick. i like how everything else sorta fits around it.

I would'a liked the drums to be louder, near the end they seem to get lost on the myriad of other cool stuff happenin. of which there is alot ;D btw


Thread: kaliyuga - Golden Man

Replies: 4
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22-12-2007 22:56 Forum: Tunes

It's really very solid. Clean all around (cept the dirty parts ;D) nice arrangements and background setting. nothing is overwhelming yet nothing is too far back.

I feel there could have been more solidified drums introduced somewhere along the way. something with a definite attack in the kick at least.

other than that it's pretty awesome stuff ;D
Thread: Seamless - Seamless Tracks - Known Path

Replies: 8
Views: 3,367
Seamless - Seamless Tracks - Known Path 22-12-2007 22:52 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Seamless Tracks - Known Path' and post your comments here!!!

Started this one way early in the morning (like, 5 am...i couldnt sleep ;p) and finished it 12 hours later.

This track incorporates styles and instrumentation garnered from listening to DnB radio and the like. Before that all my DnB tracks usually just sort of went on their own tangents as I dont really listen to "mainstream" stuff that often. It's good for originality, but i really like the mainstream stuff ;D

anyway, this thing is bran new and first rendition. Clearly changes can/will happen
Thread: "Sceptic" By Marukomu

Replies: 3
Views: 2,597
22-12-2007 19:53 Forum: Tunes

It's definitely a well mixed mix. All that happened seemed very deliberate, for sure. I personally can only take so much of the glitch aspect of it with the jumpy bass. But it's clear that most everyone else would like it quite well ;]

I like the sounds you used, the drum samples were nifty and the bass was top stuff.

gj, over all
Thread: Seamless - Seamless Tracks - Styx

Replies: 7
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Seamless - Seamless Tracks - Styx 22-12-2007 19:17 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Seamless Tracks - Styx' and post your comments here!!!

As you can tell right off the bat, a great many of the samples in this track are directly from DnB.be sample packs ;D how appropriate to debut with, don'cha think?

This was made back when I didn't know the first thing about making a bass and I struck luck when i found that one of the Sytrus preset trance gates, when ungated and distorted, sounded ok.

i like how it turned out regardless ;]
Thread: My new favorite sampler....Sytrus?

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My new favorite sampler....Sytrus? 22-12-2007 18:37 Forum: Fruity Loops - FL Studio

I maybe the last over the finish line to realize this, but Sytrus can put samples into it's waveform!

I discovered this when i accidentally hit "send to selected channel" while i had sytrus selected and it this bass sample directly into the oscillator i had selected.

Only it looked like it wasnt the actual sample, but an Osc extrapolation of it. The bars reflected the wave approximation. after that, i found you can do some funky stuff to the waveform using sytrus's wave editing stuff.

Never saw that coming
Thread: distortion plug-ins?

Replies: 14
Views: 4,401
22-12-2007 08:13 Forum: Production questions & answers

Camel Phat i love for it's Ramp LFOs. makes for great drum pattern ridiculousness.

as for using it for distortion it's pretty snazzy indeed with it's various types.

Usually when i make a bass i use Sytrus in FL. Within the waveform modifiers there's actually a distortion setting. making a sine wave into a square and the sort. playing around with that sometimes yields some interesting stuff
Thread: chomp - Bounce

Replies: 6
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22-12-2007 07:34 Forum: Tunes

Immediate impressions: low end of that 3xOsc over powered everything.
Agreeing that some SFX could help the beginning out and probably the rest of it too.
I'm really not sure how I feel about that guitar stuff. If your intention was to weird people out, it definitely worked with me.

The drum track needs some variation in it. Some background stuff like cymbals at some point, some breakdown pattern changes. new instrumentation.

Also, if you're going to be into minimal track production and without the fatness then I suggest building a drum pattern that doesn't start out with being all over the midrange. That sort of beat is built for the fatness. you need something thats, well, less.

I'm ok with the mix overall for everything except the 3xOsc. However that kind of messes with everything. really getting into the whole spectrum and shaking stuff up...and not in the good way.

I also think it would've been just as well without the vocals. Not better or worse, just the vocals dont really add anything to the track.
Thread: philbee - flesh-wound

Replies: 8
Views: 2,741
22-12-2007 07:24 Forum: Tunes

I'm not quite sure how far into a crit I should get seeing as you're still working on it. I, also, am not sure about your EQ on that. The major distortion drum had it's charm right up until the bass came in and had what seems like the same distortion. Is it a master dist?

The bass sounds like it would be top notch stuff minus the distortion. I dunno.

Throw in all kinds of high end background noise n stuff. Cymbals, high hats, screaming ambient dissonance. stuff like that. you've definitely got the spectrum space based on what you've got here. all low end and mid range

tho, playing it on most club systems would yield mostly bass and mid range so, maybe you're just thinking ahead ;]

I dig the concept.
Thread: broadside - RiG

Replies: 8
Views: 3,666
22-12-2007 07:19 Forum: Tunes

How did you render this? It sounds like there's an EQ on the master that's killing off the high end. Makes me feel like I've got an earwax overload.

In my opinion the slide effects on the guitar make it sounds less like a real guitar. I'm not a real big fan of Guitar Rig myself, personally I prefer the Vogeno packs and the JCM900 vst that's around out there.

I liked the little bell thing, which is an unexpected thing from me really. I'm not usually a fan of simple and, as you said, thin type stuff. Maybe I get too complicated, who knows ;]

I also think it could've benefited from more DnBesque drum patterns than the straight up rock patterns.

I feel that any issues I have from how the track sounds could be solved by upping the high end back or what ever is up with the sound on that ;] maybe the mp3 got coded weird? i dont know ;]
Thread: OBLIVION12 - Junction

Replies: 9
Views: 2,348
22-12-2007 07:13 Forum: Tunes

That intro was way, way, WAY too long. I measure when the track actually gets "going" when the bass actually feels like it's oscillating my speakers and that doesn't seem to happen until around 2:55.

I do like the sounds that were in the ambient beginning. You seem to have quite the handle on the background stuff.

The drums, I feel, could have had more of a presence. Do the drums actually get quieter when the bass comes in? I don't quite get the motive behind that.

I feel this track has potential all over it. Feels like an unfinished thing to me that bears rehashing and re mastering.

It could fare just fine with the huge into. I could very well be the only person on Earth who'd rather have it get into it in the first 10 seconds ;p
Thread: equipped - Allway's Unshavin.

Replies: 5
Views: 2,973
22-12-2007 07:05 Forum: Tunes

I dug the major stereo bass happening. Whipping around from side to side constantly was neat and yet not overwhelming.

The drum track definitely sounds well made, however (imo) it gets stagnant after a bit. You kept it variant enough in terms of beat, but there wasn't ever a new angle or sound introduced to the beat. Also i feel it could've been louder.

It seems like the bass was the overall focus of the track and in that regard delivers wonderful amounts of variance and shuffle in terms of sound and execution.

The random phone conversation with an automatic operator added in was a nifty touch. Neat stuff.

I liked the track ;D I dig wacky ass basses, and this delivered some pretty wacky ass bass ;]
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