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Thread: "Kill Machine" Out Now on TechnoMoshpit Recordings!

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"Kill Machine" Out Now on TechnoMoshpit Recordings! 08-11-2011 02:26 Forum: Nu choons

Artist: HellNegative
Release: Kill Machine
Label: TechnoMoshpit Recordings
Style: Drum & Bass, DrumStep
Available on: BeatPort, Juno Download, Itunes

Continuing with his In-Your-Face style of Drum & Bass, HellNegative brings you another Bassline Massacre. Kill MAchine will tear you limb from limb slowly as t injects adrenaline into your blood to prevent you from going into shock. You will be awake throughout this DNB, DrumStep, Dark & Evil Audio Torture.

Thread: War Child Remix Competition

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14-10-2011 08:08 Forum: Competitions

Only 1 week and already 4 submissions. Keep it up. Like what I'm hearing so far and can't wait to see what else gets pumped out!
Thread: War Child Remix Competition

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War Child Remix Competition 07-10-2011 12:05 Forum: Competitions

War Child Remix Competition
Artist: HellNegative
Track: War Child
Label: Techno Moshpit

Preview the track at http://soundcloud.com/hellnegative-1/hellnegative-war-child

Download the remix pack from http://www.hellnegative.com/downloads/he...rchildstems.zip

Already featuring 3 prior releases from HellNegative on Techno Moshpit Records, we are proud to announce the official Remix Competition for the forthcoming "War Child" EP.

The 1st place winner will receive a $100 BeatPort gift card, have their Remix included on the upcoming "War Child" EP release, and have two of their tracks featured in the upcoming "The Dead" mix CD.
The 2nd place winner will have their Remix included on the upcoming "war Child" EP release.

Competition is open to any artist of any genre worldwide. Competition closes November 24th and the winners will be announced on November 28th. All submissions must be sent as a 320k MP3 to the SoundCloud DropBox @ http://soundcloud.com/groups/war-child-r...etition/dropbox or e-mailed to WarChildRemix@gmail.com . Please include your artist name and contact info.

For more info visit http://www.hellnegative.com
Thread: Thursdays on EDMERICA.COM (Pacific Hangover Hosted By HellNegative)

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22-07-2011 03:01 Forum: Radio shows

Join us live from 7-11pm pacific time on EDMerica.com for Pacific Hangover. Tonight we bring you Dj Bear representing Las Vegas, NV. Known for holding it down with everything from Happy Hardcore to Speed Garage, he pleases every crowd by rockin it steady all night!

Also featured are your hosts HellNegative & Nicro representing TechnoMoshpit, Urbane Audio, DLA Black, Rockers, and Fully Submerged.

Tune in, watch, and chat live at http://www.edmerica.com
Thread: EDMerica Presents Battle For Cybertron this Thursday!

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EDMerica Presents Battle For Cybertron this Thursday! 29-06-2011 23:37 Forum: Radio shows


Tune in to Pacific Hangover this Thursday for "Battle For Cybertron" with Las Vegas DJ's Thumper & Anonymous X!

The founder of TranzPlant Entertainment and Thumpin Productions, Thumper is an icon in the Las Vegas Underground scene. With his speaker bumpin Breaks He will keep your feet kickin' all night long!

The latest up and comer in the Las Vegas Underground, Anonymous X has been quickly blasting through the ranks. Being born in Germany he definitely brings a European flavor into his mixture of Evil Dubstep and Zombie Killing Drumstep!

Tune in this Thursday (June 30th) from 7-11pm pst at http://www.EDMerica.com
Thread: Thursdays on EDMERICA.COM (Pacific Hangover Hosted By HellNegative)

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09-05-2011 03:39 Forum: Radio shows

Tonight is HellNegative's last night in Portland. This will be the last episode of Pacific Hangover hosted from Portland, OR. From now on, the broadcast will be taking place in Las Vegas, NV.

As always, you can Chat, Watch, & Listen Live at http://www.edmerica.com on Sundays starting at 10pm Pacific Time!
Thread: Thursdays on EDMERICA.COM (Pacific Hangover Hosted By HellNegative)

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Thursdays on EDMERICA.COM (Pacific Hangover Hosted By HellNegative) 17-04-2011 03:25 Forum: Radio shows

Chat, Watch, and Listen live at Electronic Dance Music America | Bangin Beats Since 1993!

Join us every Sunday from 10pm till 4am Pacific Time for non-stop EDM madness. Each week your host "HellNegative" will bring you guest Dj's from Portland, Oregon and Surrounding Areas.

This week we are featuring "Token" from Portland, OR! Spinning popper to prince Fidget and 14 karat Dutch, Token truly tears the roof off his house. Not only as a local DJ but also as Owner of Ghost Wire Productions he brings a scent of fresh sounds to the Rose City. With style that can be verified by the co-founding of Acid Unicorn Design+Apparel, Token shines as a golden child sending golden showers into your mainstream.

:: Ground Breaking Events//Acid Unicorn//Dirty Trio Productions//Ghost Wire Productions
:: Token McGrath | Facebook
:: TOKEN [GBE/AU/DTP/GWP]'s sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Pacific Hangover focuses on the freshest in energetic Bass Music from DNB, DUB, Garage, Breaks, and Electro. For 6 hours, the beats will continue to move you.

Chat, Watch, and Listen live at Electronic Dance Music America | Bangin Beats Since 1993!
Thread: This Weekend's Free Downloads!

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This Weekend's Free Downloads! 18-03-2011 10:51 Forum: Tunes

Still tearing it up. Going back to my dark and evil roots. If you dig the TMPR and Urbane releases, these two tracks will definately tickle your fancy!

HellNegative - The Saints

Chase & Status ft. Delilah - Time (HellNegative RMDoped

More From HellNegative
Website: http://www.hellnegative.com

SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/hellnegative-1

Phone: (702)374-4136

Affiliations: FAP, Obnoxiouz Distortion, Urbane Radio, TPUG, GhostWire Productions

Labels: TechnoMoshpit, Pound Recordings, Rockers Dub/175, Dirt Lies & Audio, Accomodus, Intensive Recordings

Curent & Upcoming Releases:
-Disgusting (Full Album)
Available at http://www.junodownload.com/products/disgusting/1698880-02
-Fourth Kind (Featured on The Swanky Hustlas EP from Rockers DUB)
Available on BeatPort March 24th, 2011
-Friday (Debut Release on Dirt, Lies & Audio)
Available at http://www.junodownload.com/products/friday/1722081-02
-Wicked (Featured on Tokyo Women Drum & Bass Session Volume 1)
Available at http://www.junodownload.com/products/dru...e-01/1721854-02
Thread: Today on Urbane Radio:

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09-03-2011 23:28 Forum: Radio shows

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

We go live today at 4pm pst (7pm est) for TrainWrecking with your host HellNegative. He has some new, unreleased, and banging sounds to drop.

Tune in, watch live, and chat at http://www.urbaneradio.com !
Thread: HellNegative - Snow Daze

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HellNegative - Snow Daze 26-02-2011 04:24 Forum: DJ Mixes

I haven't recorded a mix in a long while. Enjoy "Snow Daze!"

1. HellNegative - Beaver Den
2. Faction & Modified Motion - Think Again Fool
3. Ozma - Phantoma (Sub Zero Remix)
4. Deli J - Free - Shufunk Remix
5. HellNegative - The Horde
6. TRON - Neverworld
7. Drastik Measures - Backlash
8. James Bass - Kill Your Killer
9. Sensai - Virus
10. Serjah 9 - Lets Roll
11. Sensai - Destination
12. Faction, Modified Motion - Sci Fi
13. Dynamite MC, Camo, Friction, Krooked - Stand Up feat. Dynamite MC
14. Shrust, Skorpio - Dead Space - Original Mix
15. HellNegative - Filthy
Thread: hellnegative - Filthy

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hellnegative - Filthy 25-02-2011 04:43 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Filthy' and post your comments here!

Did this one in about 4 hours. I know it still needs some touching up here and there, but I'd like to get a perspective on it!
Thread: More Free Tunes from HellNegative

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More Free Tunes from HellNegative 25-02-2011 04:42 Forum: Tunes

HellNegative - The Horde

HellNegative - Filthy

Judas Priest - Pain Killer (HellNegative RMDoped
Thread: Today on Urbane Radio:

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Today on Urbane Radio: 20-02-2011 20:07 Forum: Radio shows

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

We go live today at 4pm pst (7pm est) for Sinful sessions with your host HellNegative. He will be dusting off a lot of the old wax today bringing you a mix of new school JumpUp and that oldschool sound so many of us love so much!

Tune in, watch live, and chat at http://www.urbaneradio.com !
Thread: hellnegative - Hellnegative - Mankind

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hellnegative - Hellnegative - Mankind 19-02-2011 03:30 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Hellnegative - Mankind' and post your comments here!

Trying to learna new style. I've been doing jumpup forever and trying to progress into some newer sub-genres. Let me know what you think.
Thread: This Week's Free Downloads!

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This Week's Free Downloads! 19-02-2011 03:29 Forum: Tunes

Check out this week's free downloads.

HellNegative - Eaten (Sample from the album "Disgusting" on TechnoMoshpit")

Militant DNB - Militant Folk Song (HellNegative RMDoped [Drum N' Bass]

HellNegative - Kill A Horse [BreakCore]

HellNegative - Desolance [ChillStep]

Dilated Peoples - You Can't Hide You Can't Run (HellNegative RMDoped [Drum N' Bass]

HellNegative - Show Me [Drum N' Bass]
Thread: [Techno Moshpit - 100245 00] HellNegative - Disgusting Out Now!

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[Techno Moshpit - 100245 00] HellNegative - Disgusting Out Now! 13-02-2011 04:25 Forum: Nu choons

[Techno Moshpit - 100245 00] HellNegative - Disgusting Out Now!

Label: Techno Moshpit
Cat No.: 100245 00
Date: 02/12/2011

HellNegative - DISGUSTING
With the elements of Jungle, DubStep, and HardCore, "Disgusting" pushes the boundaries of Drum & Bass to a new limit. The Basslines are heavy, the kicks hit hard, the Synths are Sharp, and the overall mood is full of evil. Be prepared for something that is truly dark, dirty, menacing, and Disgusting!

Pick up your copy today at http://www.junodownload.com/products/disgusting/1698880-02

1. HellNegative - Wicked (6:23)
2. HellNegative - Trippedout (5:19)
3. ROAM - Once Again (HellNegative RMDoped
4. HellNegative - Eaten (5:21)
5. HellNegative - Living Terror (6:24)
6. HellNegative - Nightmare (5:34)
7. HellNegative - Disgusting (4:12)
8. HellNegative - Boogaloo (5:22)
9. HellNegative - Pure energy (2:36)
10. HellNegative - Kick It (5:47)
11. HellNegative - Deep Dark (3:50)
12. HellNegative - Disco (3:34)
13. HellNegative - Chronic (4:01)
14. HellNegative - STD (2:53)
15. HellNegative - Touch (5:1Cool


More info at http://www.technomoshpit.com

Also featured on the Album is ROAM (Leader of the Las Vegas FemCore movement).

Thank you all for your continued support!
Thread: Happy Birthday Nicro!!!

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Happy Birthday Nicro!!! 11-01-2011 23:18 Forum: Radio shows


Join us today on Urbane Radio from 4-7pm pacific as we celebrate Nicro's birthday. Turning 20 on lucky 1.11.11, Nicro is properly representing Bassline Syndicate and Urbane Audio. Today he will blow your mind with bassline terrorism, drumming machine gun fights, and all out audio warfare!

HellNegative will be closing out the BroadCast with some oldschool DNB Tunes bringing back some memories to all you old farts in the scene.

Make sure to catch Nicro LIVE this weekend at Weeble World on January 16th, and next week at Shyne on January 22nd. Both events are being held at Area170 in Las Vegas, NV.

After the broadcast, be sure to tune in to ObnoxiouzDistortion.com for Techno B and Elektroholic. We are gonna be up all night celebrating with banging chunes and good times. Join us at http://www.livestream.com/urbaneradio!
Thread: Junglism This Saturday, January 15th on Urbane Radio

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Junglism This Saturday, January 15th on Urbane Radio 09-01-2011 10:34 Forum: Radio shows

4-8pm pacific (7-11pm eastern)
Saturday, January 15th 2011.

Join us on Urbane Radio this Saturday for Junglism. We will have 4 hours of full on Drum N' Bass. Whether you're a Rudeboy, SoundBoy, or JumpUp kid, there will be some sick menacing basslines to keep your ear drums thumping.

We are featuring:

- Representing Bassline Syndicate and Pound Recordings, Trixxx continues to push the boundaries of his Production and Dj skills. He brings it proper mixing both MainStream and Dirty Jump Up.


- An Urbane Radio resident, Nicro represents Bassline Syndicate and Urbane Audio. Slowly growing into a Production powerhouse, he tackles the decks to destroy sound systems!


- The host of Urbane Radio. HellNegative represents BassLine Syndicate, Urbane Audio, Pound Recordings, DLA Black, Intensive Recordings, and Obnoxiouz Distortion. As always, promoting his upcoming releases and finding sounds that are dirtier and more evil than Satan himself.

Anonymous X

- An Up N' Coming Dj in the Las Vegas Scene. Anonymous X now represents Urbane Audio hosting his own show Monday thru Thursday from 10pm-Midnite pacific. His track selection always gets a crowd moving.

You never know who might swing through the studio. More Dj's TBA.

You can tune in, watch live video, and chat on your PC, Laptop, or Mobile Phone at http://www.livestream.com/urbaneradio from 4-8pm pacific (7-11pm eastern) on Saturday, January 15th 2011.
Thread: A few free tunes from HellNegative!

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A few free tunes from HellNegative! 06-01-2011 03:41 Forum: Tunes

Creep (2010 Edit)


Kick It

Tripped Out

Africa (2010 VIP)

Far east Movement - Like a G6 (HellNegative RMDoped

Pure Energy

EZ Rollers - Tough At The Top (HellNegative DUB Re-Edit)

Thread: Internet radio hosted by dnb.be members?

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31-12-2010 11:26 Forum: Radio shows

I host a few shows via shoutcast. Its pretty easy mate. You can set up autodj for when noon eis broadcasting as well. Best one out there (Although one of the most expensive) is livestream.com, but there's also plenty of others that are just as good for pretty cheap with less options. Im down to host a show as well.
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