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Thread: WTF deleted tunes help!!!

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RE: WTF deleted tunes help!!! 07-02-2014 09:14 Forum: Tunes

sad to see this place dead =( Still never found that instrumental B-Complex tune of Infinity either, damn.
Thread: old Maximum sensory overload tune

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07-04-2012 18:40 Forum: Track IDs

Exocet - Demon Seed

Thread: DJ Triex - Shinsengumi (Shivaxi's Remix of Mr. Mann's Remix)

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DJ Triex - Shinsengumi (Shivaxi's Remix of Mr. Mann's Remix) 18-03-2012 17:31 Forum: Tunes

Not entirely sure what you'd call a remix of a remix...so...just titled it pretty straight forward =P

Isn't finished yet...want to change the ending around a bit...and the drum break is a bit repetitive right now. This version though is my mastering test...trying something new, using scream 4 distortion in Reason and such for mastering. Lemme know how it sounds.
Thread: unknown id

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unknown id 01-03-2012 15:31 Forum: Track IDs

Looking for the second song in this vid clip. First one I know, Black Sun Empire - Arrakis...wondering what tune comes after it.

Thread: Track ID: The revolution will not be televised

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01-03-2012 15:19 Forum: Track IDs

There's also the tune "The Revolution" by BT containing these same samples.


Never knew of a DnB version though...would be nice to hear.
Showing posts 1 to 5 of 5 results

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