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Thread: Subkinetik - Jungle Escape

Replies: 7
Views: 2,800
13-04-2012 15:34 Forum: Tunes

track sounds big.

have you played with the pitch of the vocals? if your voice was in a key it might sound even better. maybe even try using a vocoder maybe?

mastering wise, it all sounds groovy.

i think the dubstep part sounds a bit empty compared to the rest, maybe a little more high-mid on the bass would fill it up.
Thread: krimmie2 - Etherwood - Spoken (n-gin Remix-

Replies: 5
Views: 2,443
13-04-2012 13:54 Forum: Tunes

intro sounds professional straight away

reminds me of some S.P.Y. / Logistics

great vocal in the intro, bass is sounding warm and inviting

maybe have the kicks filter in during the drops. the volume of the kicks make the actual drop seem weak.

the track sounds really good. only thing is i think the bass drowns the kick a bit (apart from during the kick drum rolls) the kick needs to be about 80% as powerful as in the rolls for the whole track. . side chain or EQ that bad boy!

apart from the kick drum thing. sounds great
Thread: Subkinetik - The Unknown

Replies: 4
Views: 2,179
13-04-2012 13:43 Forum: Tunes

fast breakbeat / slow dnb?
or yeah just 160 bpm bass music.

sounds really good, I quite like the first lead synth. It wasn't what i expected but it works.
Thread: shir_pan - No Love = No Hate

Replies: 4
Views: 2,175
13-04-2012 13:38 Forum: Tunes

very deep, very rolling. the sweeping bass is ace but it could deal with being a bit more prominent in the mix.

effects and embellishments are very well done.

intro builds up nicely.
Thread: RaidaOne - 100bpm Glitch

Replies: 4
Views: 2,028
13-04-2012 13:32 Forum: Tunes

sounding really good, i think you need a few more sounds to fill in between the neuro bass sweeps in the intro. a nice pad would do the trick.

get some effects in there to build it up before it drops too.

Sounds a lot like Koan Sound, and i agree it would benefit from vocals. maybe like foreign beggars' style.

maybe give it a slightly heavier snare too.
Thread: timmehhurts - Ta - Free (her Jade Eyes Remix)

Replies: 0
Views: 1,633
timmehhurts - Ta - Free (her Jade Eyes Remix) 13-04-2012 13:26 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'TA - Free (Her Jade Eyes Remix)' and post your comments here!

This is my entry for the Twin Atlantic remix competition

the vocals are horrible but i had nothing to do with them Wink

if you like it i'd love it if you'd vote for it:

Although its already been submitted, feedback is welcomed for future tracks.
Thread: timmehhurts - Wide Open (her Jade Eyes Remix)

Replies: 9
Views: 4,556
16-09-2011 13:33 Forum: Tunes

thanks a load for your comments.

i dont normally go for that kinda sound, but when i started the remix it just kinda happened...

the main thing im wondering about it the volume of the vocals. i dont normally work with vocals and its always my instinct to turn them down, so i tried not to but now i think they might be a tad too loud.
Thread: csel - Rude Work

Replies: 8
Views: 4,527
16-09-2011 00:09 Forum: Tunes

youve created a really great atmosphere on the intro of this track. sounds like its heading towards something like Phace.

drop is pretty cool. thesre are some great bass synths i love the use of stereo. this is really interesting to listen to.

id maybe get a bit more power on the kick drum. ooh the beat changed up, that was fun. sick track man
Thread: timmehhurts - Wide Open (her Jade Eyes Remix)

Replies: 9
Views: 4,556
timmehhurts - Wide Open (her Jade Eyes Remix) 15-09-2011 13:46 Forum: Tunes

Please check out my new track 'Wide Open (her Jade Eyes Remix)' and post your comments here!

original track by Johnny Jack

i went for a netsky/ logistics vibe on this one.
Nearly finished.
i want to get it finished quickly as i need to restore my pc to factory settings. im worried about losing important track data.
Thread: csel - Battlefield (clip)

Replies: 6
Views: 3,560
13-09-2011 22:57 Forum: Tunes

sounds pretty damn tight man.ace drums nice chaotic bass. i think it could be improved a tad with some subtle changes to the mixdown, but hell, we cant all have mixdowns as good as Noisia. nice work
Thread: recon47 - Right Click

Replies: 5
Views: 3,518
13-09-2011 22:54 Forum: Tunes

sick old school vocal in there, tight drums, nice bass sounds, wondering if it would benefit from a notch filter or wah effect on the main bass...
Thread: Dethworm - Subterfuge

Replies: 13
Views: 5,627
13-09-2011 22:27 Forum: Tunes

great intro man, loving the bass line its pretty damn groovy. love the extra percussion too. the structure works damn well.

not sure if your filtered wubby basses are a little too ambient, maybe could be brought into focus a bit more. and the kick starts to fill up my ears a little. i t could be a little lower in the mix. saying that the snare needs to be louder a tad and needs more of a tail on it. the snares kinda abruptly stop which breaks the atmosphere a bit.
Thread: Convolver - Syntactic Sugar Vip

Replies: 13
Views: 5,466
13-09-2011 22:22 Forum: Tunes

i love the change up in the beat at around the 1:20 mark- wish it lasts longer, maybe like 16 bars. the sounds in this track are quite unique, it all sounds good. im not sure im a fan of the intermittent silences on different instruments in the intro. also the build on the intro its bit of a wierd one maybe get some filters on things other than just the drums
Thread: godd - Upside Down

Replies: 6
Views: 3,831
13-09-2011 22:15 Forum: Tunes

very professional sounding drums man, lovely vocals, great use of them. your track sounds a lot more professional than you make out to be. i think vocals could be a bit louder in the intro a tiny bit. you have a nice ammount of ambient effects after the drop. id just maybe have that shaker/hat a bit lower in the mix, it is a bit too prominent i think...
Thread: Travis_Huckins - Rogue Ai - A Dying Sun

Replies: 5
Views: 3,764
18-07-2011 15:25 Forum: Tunes

intro is really cool
builds nicely

bass line is really good when it comes in, nice movement
some of the drum hits are a little too prominent compaired to the snares imo but other than that drums are sick

Thread: Wally D - Zombieland

Replies: 3
Views: 3,182
15-07-2011 14:10 Forum: Tunes

great breaks, i like what you have done with the sample, the effects with the break really bring it to life.

the sub bass really drives the track through

effects from 2.30 ish are great
Thread: pusha - Jules Theme V2

Replies: 2
Views: 2,544
13-07-2011 14:50 Forum: Tunes

like the piano work
you have used my favourite break so im happy with that Smile

you got a cool liquid bassline there, love it

some good fx goin on too

not sure if some quiet girly vocals would really bring the track to life :p

mix and master is sound
Thread: Uberchile - Slow Down Time

Replies: 6
Views: 4,100
13-07-2011 14:41 Forum: Tunes

really nice track
the intro sounds spooky till the drums come in and then its really relaxing, i like how clean the drums are, i love the snare, the vocals work really well with the track. i love the stuttered pad, and the way all the melodies blend in and out of each other.

the stereo is really cool aswell

but yeah, turn up the sub!
Thread: timmehhurts - The Galactic Clock Wip

Replies: 3
Views: 2,745
01-07-2011 04:04 Forum: Tunes

thanks for the feedback, ill get working on more background stuff or something to keep interest

Originally postet by Subkinetik
Can tell you use flstudio exclusively.

apart from the fact that i told you, i had no idea one could tell what DAW a track was made in just by listening. lol
Thread: Subkinetik - Turn Up The Bass (dubstep) (givaway)

Replies: 6
Views: 3,682
01-07-2011 03:53 Forum: Tunes

Originally posted by Subkinetik

I think youve missed the whole concept of the bass question AND the reason for the upload but still, thanks for the comments

im on to now man, i didnt get what you meant by 'anyone wants it' i was pretty tired thought you meant 'free 320k download', messy brain and all that. but yeah it has a lot of potential to be a sick track with some tender love and care.

i thought you were asking for ideas of things to do to the track... hence why i gave them. sorry for any distress caused.

it gets petty turning the bass up every time i export something.

nothing is petty when it goes towards making the best possible music

I use different DAWs depending what im trying to do (including FL), and bounce sounds back and forth loads and rewire etc.

i think reason has some really good features, but some aspects of it i really couldnt deal with. some daws make it easier to do different things but there is nothing that you can do in one daw that you cant in another (with enough effort/ know-how)
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