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Thread: Wicked Tune - Need ID!!!!!!!

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18-12-2009 04:46 Forum: Track IDs

hey guy, i have no idea bout that track, but you should really ask DJ CRAZE or whats his name was (that guy that plays that track) himself. short myspace-message, done. in most cases djs will give you a concrete and nice answer, so give it a try !
by the way: killertune! thanks for finding this!
Thread: Lyrics: theee icecreeeeam.... ganja ganja ganja

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Lyrics: theee icecreeeeam.... ganja ganja ganja 16-12-2009 04:25 Forum: Track IDs

hey guys,

around 2003 i got my hands on a white label track, no name, no artist, but a killer tune. lost that thing some time ago, wann find it again:

it's a jungle/ragga/dnb-track, very stompy [can i say that in english Wink ?], with a singer and a mc [classic intense "jamaican voice"].

singer: "uuuhhhhh, the icecreeeaaaaaammm"
mc: "ganja, ganja, ganja...... . . . .. . . .summer or winter"

well, that's what i remember, i have no recorded mix with this tune in it, no idea, no mc names, no dealer that i got this thing from... hmm...
i absoluty like dirty, noisy, dark & well produced dnb tracks, that tune perfectly fit into that style.

1000000x thanks, if you are selling this track [everything is welcome!] i will grateful buy it !
Showing posts 1 to 2 of 2 results

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