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Posted by Reign Supreem on 05-11-2002 at18:53:

Shocked New tune - Can't seem to find it


I heard some tune lately, really powerful, dark stuff.

I think it's called Hazard - Dark Side, but i'm not really sure.
Apparently it's been released on some new label called Reformed.

Can anyone help me out here? Confused

Posted by thechronic on 05-11-2002 at19:46:


Tried searching on tarzan.spoox.org but found nothing, except something on Reformed Records

Posted by Reign Supreem on 06-11-2002 at00:59:


thanx for looking that up, but I guess we'll have to play the waiting game.

Posted by Chang Van Orten on 06-11-2002 at01:30:


perhaps u should post that set were u heard it....maybe some one who knows most of the names on the tracklist will be able to help you locate the track on the tracklist, thus knowing which one it is


Posted by Reign Supreem on 28-12-2002 at23:11:


found it

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