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Posted by thechronic on 14-10-2005 at15:06:

  New Software subforums

I've added 4 new subforums in the Software section. This will keep hopefully keep it a bit more organised, and less prone to bouts of software bashing Wink


Posted by Soi on 14-10-2005 at15:10:


good idea

Posted by TechDiff on 14-10-2005 at15:20:


Definately. I'll admit to getting rilled up by software bashing, most of the time a bit too worked up perhaps. However I think its amazing at how passionate people can get over software (I certainly do!). Definaely a good idea to keep everything seperated

Posted by Surya on 14-10-2005 at15:22:



Posted by cynik on 14-10-2005 at20:26:


good one thechronic Bigup

Posted by Darkside on 16-10-2005 at01:59:


thank god. and thechronic of course Big Grin
keep us battling software people in our own private cages.

Posted by Yawn on 17-10-2005 at13:26:


What about Logic?? Confused

Posted by Soi on 17-10-2005 at15:48:


it wouldn't hurt if Ableton Live were addad also..

Posted by thechronic on 17-10-2005 at19:14:


There aren't that many threads about Logic and Ableton Live yet. It would be a bit sad to have a whole subforum with only a few threads inside.

Ofcourse I can add these easily if there are more threads about those pieces of software in the future.

Posted by Darkside on 17-10-2005 at22:03:


maybe just make an "Other" section, for the less-widely-used programs.

Posted by thechronic on 19-04-2007 at20:57:


added Ableton Live subforum.

Posted by equipped on 20-04-2007 at09:50:


Originally posted by thechronic
added Ableton Live subforum.

Posted by thechronic on 23-04-2007 at14:35:


Now that I'm reaching cruise speed, I added a Logic Audio subforum here too, much to the dismay of poor Halph Price Big Grin

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