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Posted by Mc D.O.C. on 24-04-2005 at19:24:

  1/5 Rhymedealaz showcase @ Support the Boards

K then, people often ask me 'bout my hiphop stuff, well here's a chance to get a taste of what's cooking:::

On 1/5 there will be a special benefit night @ Café Mosquito in Hasselt. There will be a BBQ, special offers and lots of different dj's:

We will do a Rhymedealaz showcase to promote Wofface's cd "Leavin' the flock", that will be available pretty soon::: Mary Jane and myself will be featuring in several songs + I might do a song that will be on my own cd...

Here's the full info on the night:::

The prequel:

A few months ago, Jurgen (the owner of Mosquito) and Sven (bartender in the Zoo) went on a snowboard-trip together. They had a very romantic time (haha), but one of the last evenings their boards got knicked by some evil beings... Actually, both boards belonged to Sven, so he got double ripped... But also for Jurgen it was a bitch, 'cause a few months before he lost Lowdown's board (it fell of a mountain ) Since then, nobody wants to talk to him anymore, afraid they'll lose something.

So, to make it short: three boards later all victims have some serious damage, and to help these people we present:

SUPPORT THE BOARDS (or: "Hey dude, where's my board" - you'll undersstand when you'll see the posters)

What izit ? Well, a cosy lil' party: if u buy a support-ticket (€ 5, buy it at Mosquito or from Sven behind the Zoo-bar), you'll get a free BBQ-burger and a tombola-ticket (lots of cool prices incl. booze, music, tickets,...) and some special offers on the Mosquito-drinks. AND a crazy line-up with Bongo Bash aka Lowdown, DjTall, Turbo, Mr.Phonky, Squeeze, Dj Latté,... AND MC's Wolfface, D.O.C. and Mary-Jane will do a lil' try-out for their big performance at MOD the week after !!

So: find Sven, buy a ticket and join the party ! (or contact mr D.O.C.)

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