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Posted by Pablex on 27-04-2003 at23:25:


wot about a chatroom on this site?
at this very moment the offtopic banter goes so fast it realy looks like a chatroom Big Grin

Posted by Surya on 27-04-2003 at23:32:


Yeah, been thinking that too Big Grin

Alto I rarely attend chatrooms...

Posted by suvcycle on 27-04-2003 at23:36:


dont like those chatrooms either

msn works just fine , school stuff /appointments etc. ..

This board is apperently crowded around midnight

I guess we re al 'creatures of the night ' Big Grin

Posted by Pablex on 27-04-2003 at23:41:


not me
it's the first time i'm here at this hour
n i got an exam tommoz Frown

Posted by thechronic on 28-04-2003 at00:18:


Ooh Pablex, are you a bit stressed maybe?? You need some sleep man!! Good luck with the exam tomorrow!!!

I can always install a chatbox for us, or something like a #dnbbe in mIRC... will need to program a bot though to keep it open when nobody's visiting it

Posted by Pablex on 28-04-2003 at00:19:


not too stressed,don't have to know that much Big Grin

Posted by thechronic on 28-04-2003 at00:23:



It's past midnight already man!! What time do you have to do your exam?

(wow, I would be a good mother I think Big Grin )

Posted by Pablex on 28-04-2003 at00:28:


but wot? Big Grin Red Face
going to sleep in a minute

Posted by thechronic on 28-04-2003 at00:37:


Yeah sure Big Grin

Like my old breakz days, was still on the forum two hours after I should've started working Roll Eyes

Posted by Pablex on 28-04-2003 at12:25:


i got off 1 minute later u know Big Grin
tired now tho Frown
but i didn't have my exams:
the 2 bitches in my class "lost their books" and the wanker didn't study
so it got cancelled for me to Big Grin Bigup

Posted by Surya on 28-04-2003 at12:31:


Hehe, nice Big Grin

Posted by Pablex on 28-04-2003 at12:36:


anyway this topic looks like a chatroom Roll Eyes
(hint hint Big Grin )

Posted by ZePain on 28-04-2003 at16:13:


Yeah indeed , on mIRC perhaps
or on chat.to.be Big Grin Tongue Tongue Tongue

Posted by thechronic on 03-05-2003 at11:24:


I've looked into putting a chatbox on the site, but this uses a lot of bandwidth, so... Roll Eyes no way Big Grin

Opening a #dnbbe channel on IRC is no prob ofcourse, does anyone know how to set up a bot to keep it open?

Posted by -J- on 03-05-2003 at11:57:


i'll get my hands on it when i get back home

should be no big problem

Posted by Surya on 03-05-2003 at12:09:


I know shit about chatting so can't help.

Posted by ZePain on 03-05-2003 at17:48:


Again Surya !! Big Grin
And now you cant say that the person doesnt feel ignored Big Grin
or is it just for the posts ?? Tongue

Posted by Surya on 03-05-2003 at18:47:


Lol. No, it's not for the posts, I got plenty anyway Big Grin

Just didn't think of it...

Posted by Airfull on 03-05-2003 at20:38:


i've been thinking about a chatroom to...

but when I think about breakz there's A LOT of shit 2 in the chatroom Frown


Posted by Surya on 03-05-2003 at22:43:



Go private with the people you like

That's what I always do Big Grin

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