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Posted by djhixxx on 26-12-2004 at13:51:

  RE: yay yay!

surya your a god in my book, can i play this at my gig tonight, i love it, but it's not clownstep people, i think alot of people are confusused with what clownstep is, please please download a tune called "body rock" by andy c and shimon, thats real clownstep, this is hard step which i think is better than clown step!!! rock on dudes and dudettes

Posted by Surya on 26-12-2004 at16:42:

  RE: yay yay!

Originally posted by djhixxx
surya your a god in my book

Lol, I'm not that good acually Smile
Originally posted by djhixxx
can i play this at my gig tonight, i love it

Sure, but don't forget to tell me if the crowd liked it Wink

Posted by djhixxx on 27-12-2004 at00:50:


i will man, forgot the gig is tommorrow though 27th dec is my gig, cant wait just finished my vip remix of system check by brockie and ed solo, will be coming tonight!!! all samples are recreated my self, so there is no copy right, kool!!! Bigup

look out for my new track coming "system check" hixxx VIP remix

Posted by Surya on 20-01-2005 at22:06:


Hey Hixxx, did they crowd like it?

Posted by Emblem-X on 21-01-2005 at20:08:


nt really feeling it but i guess that's taste..

sound is top notch nothing as always to add on that Bigup

oblectiveley speaking, nice sunds, fit well together, melodies somehow smple but i guess they'll do the trick on the floor Smile

Posted by peet on 21-01-2005 at20:17:


yeh def quality tune
that wobble is tight as fuck
4/5 dude

Posted by Surya on 29-07-2013 at12:35:


Now on my SC for free download

Posted by ZakZuk on 23-12-2018 at01:54:


Big Grin

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