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Posted by deadcop on 05-12-2014 at08:00:

  [BRI018] Ickoo - We, The Enemy

[BRI018] Ickoo - We, The Enemy

Artist: Ickoo
Title: We, The Enemy
Label: Briokids Recordings
Catalog#: BRI018
Format: CD, Album
Country: USA
Released: Nov 2014
Quality: 320k / 44.1kHZ / stereo
Genre: Drum & Bass/Jungle, Breakcore, IDM
Runtime: 18 minutes
Size: 43.9MB

01. With The City Asleep (4:21/140 bpm)
02. Noncompliant: The Kelly Thomas Murder (4:45/175 bpm)
03. Unfertilized Eggs (4:16/180 bpm)
04. Alumptuious (4:32/180 bpm)

direct download:

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