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Posted by nexgenrecs on 08-07-2013 at18:25:

  Rob Sparx - 'babylonian' Ep - Migration/nexgen

Hello Peep's!

Rob Sparx touches down once again on his Migration imprint with the ’Babylonian EP’ - a four track EP showcasing Rob’s trademark production style and more. As the name would suggest the whole EP gives a nod to the dub / reggae foundation associated with the original dubstep sound. The release is seasoned with island spices, and marinated in Rob’s classic 8-bit Migration sound.

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Watch out for upcoming NexGen releases (12” Vinyl & Digital) featuring, Earth Leakage Trip, D.A, Clart, mSdoS, Faible & Iriann Joyce, Physical Illusion & Sunny Crimea, and Reborn.

Listen, buy and enjoy!
NexGen Music

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