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Posted by ogenic on 15-02-2010 at15:58:

  Reason Routing

Hi all, digging through Reason 4 again! Roll Eyes
I want to link the pitch bend wheel in say NN19 to the cobinators rotary 1 knob. I can link the pitch bend range in the target list but it doesn't have the actual pitch bend wheel listed.
Cheers fellas

Posted by Sentinel on 15-02-2010 at16:42:



Why would you need to !?

if you have the combi or nnxt selected on the Reason Sequencer then your midi pitch bend wheel will control the combinators pitch bend wheel which will bend the pitch of any instrument device inside Smile

Posted by Sentinel on 15-02-2010 at17:41:


I forgot here's a graphic step be step I did on Reason combinator & cv routing ages back Smile


Plenty other Reason step be steps in that board too Smile

Posted by ogenic on 15-02-2010 at20:00:


I knew I'd be ask why lol. I'm rewiring with fl studio and wanted to control the pitch by automation in fl. To do this I found it easier to link things to combinators rotory knobs because I know the cc numbers for them lol
I'll check the link, and thanks. Bigup

Posted by Sentinel on 16-02-2010 at00:30:


ahhh right you are Smile

& err sorry I don't know anything much about FL.

did you manage to sort it anyway ?

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