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Posted by rachelknowledge on 24-12-2009 at13:09:

  Knowledge Shogun Remix Competition Winner

Recently we held a remix competition with Shogun Audio and Fenchurch Clothing. After much deliberation between the judges we can now reveal the winner...


The competition was so successful we're already thinking about the next one. We're looking to do 3 or 4 a year and we'd like your input and feedback on tracks and artists you'd like to remix and ways to improve the competition rules and setup. Let us know what you think here http://www.kmag.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=72.0

If you'd like us to email you when we launch the next remix comp, sign up to the newsletter: http://www.kmag.co.uk/community/newsletter

Posted by rachelknowledge on 20-01-2010 at13:28:


Some news on the next Knowledge Remix Comp. if you are interested.


Posted by wrm on 20-01-2010 at13:51:

  RE: Knowledge Shogun Remix Competition Winner

The link to remix competition winner is broken I am afraid

Posted by rachelknowledge on 25-01-2010 at12:07:

  RE: Knowledge Shogun Remix Competition Winner

Sorry about that, here's the revised link http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/musictech/knowledge-remix-competition-winner

We have added a new music tech section and unfortunately this got moved so the url changed.

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