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Posted by rachelknowledge on 03-11-2009 at16:27:

  Knowledge Unsigned Track Competition.

If you've listened to either of the new Knowledge podcasts (if not, why not?!) you'll have noticed an unsigned track competition for producers.

If you want to submit an unsigned track for consideration (drum & bass, hip hop, breaks or dubstep) you need to go to our Knowledge Demos Group on Soundcloud. Simply upload a tune and we'll check it out. Every week we'll pick a winner and profile the producer behind the winning track. The best track of the month will on our monthly podcast.

rachel (@)kmag.co.uk


Posted by brucifer on 03-11-2009 at21:20:


Who won the Technique comp?

I found that one a bit disapointing. After I submitted my track, I heard no reply or comments about the winner. There should of been a website to check out the applicants like back2you.co.uk have. The samples were pretty lousy as well. Some important samples (pads) were missing, so I had to use my own sounds. In the end, I used 90% of my own stuff for the final thing.

I might send my entry to you though, because I did get some nice feedback on it.

As for Technique having the copyrights on that song, when there sounds play such a insignificant part in the track, well they can jog the fuck on. Happy

Oh yes, I would also like to add, Back2you (Reinforced Records) don't charge you for there samples either, same with the Nine Inch Nails site. Neither did Digital with his Red Letter remix comp. In fact, I've never been charged to remix a track for a comp, what makes Technique so special?

Posted by rachelknowledge on 25-11-2009 at23:06:



I do regret that we got involved in that remix comp. it was very flawed as you have pointed out. Both Technique and ourselves weren't happy with the way it played out so, sorry about that.

We have just launched our own remix comp with Shogun Audio, hopefully most of the points you addressed here have been taken into account with this comp. but if you have any feedback I'd be happy to hear it.

You can find all the details here - http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/musictech/knowledge-remix-competition

Posted by rachelknowledge on 09-12-2009 at17:44:


Just a quick reminder that the Knowledge / Shogun Audio Remix competition ends this coming Sunday, December 13th at midnight.

Full details on the competition, prize and how to enter are here - http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/musictech/knowledge-remix-competition

You can listen to, comment on and vote for your favourite from all the entries received so far here - http://soundcloud.com/groups/knowledge-shogun-audio-remix-competition

Judges will announce the winner on the Knowledge site on December 21st.

If you wanna have input into our next remix competition, join the Knowledge remix group by clicking 'join group', on the Soundcloud page as above.

Good luck!

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